All Meeting Minutes

2003.09.21 - Excom

Sunday September 21, 2003

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Asmaa Asyyd (2nd Vice Commodore); Matthias Roschke (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Pamela Crawford & Bruce McKenzie (Port Captains); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma (Secretary).

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): We were offered a Cal 20, but we turned it down due to it’s deteriorated condition. I recently attended the Waterfront Commission meeting; there was a discussion of CSC’s new clubhouse.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): We are missing two jib sails, which is somewhat disconcerting. Lido #5’s new rudder assembly is underway.

Asmaa (2nd Vice Commodore): I am stepping down because of personal reasons, (there may be a little windsurfer involved) Pauline Kuykendal will be taking my place.

Matthias (3rd Vice Commodore):The work on Nenya is still progressing slowly. New Genoa blocks have been put on Uncle Donald. I would like to thank everyone for their work on the keelboats, especially Seth and all those working on Nenya.

Beth (Rear Commodore): Subject: Seminar announcement: BASIC DINGHY REPAIR with Matthias Roschke. Ever sail in a Lido suspecting your hull was slowly filling with water and wonder what you should do when you get back to the dock? Or lose a cotter pin at the shroud turnbuckle and wonder how to fix it? Wonder no longer! Join Third Vice Commodore Matthias Roschke in his very informative Basic Dinghy Repair seminar on Sunday, October 12 at 2:00 in the CSC boatyard. Remember, if you're sailing one of our boats and something breaks, you are responsible for fixing it or getting help fixing Matthias' seminar can give you a more educated eye for these kinds of repairs.

Pam & Bruce (Port Captains): All is well in the port.

Peter (Treasurer): We currently have $88,700 in the bank, after paying all the bills and depositing the moolah collected last weekend.

Since last we met, we've forked out $2974 on stuff, including $800 for the Gill clothing order, for which we've already received members' checks $492 in dinghy parts, including a new JY rudder $481 in keelboat parts, including metal work on the rudder for the Ensign that's sailed the yard these many years $296 in windsurf parts, including sorely needed boom and universal spare parts $160 for the 9/5 Daily Cal ad (seems to have brought a lot of people down) $43 for our last cruise line answering service bill (I cancelled the service) and we've taken in $4624 in memberships and Sept 14 Open House BBQ donations. (Jim still hasn't turned in his food receipts from the Labor Day BBQ.)

Budget projection--I've posted a new budget (sorry, Excel version only) on the cal-sailing-excomm web site, "03-04 Budget anew 092103.xls" under files, have at it.

Also there is the expenses from May 1 to Sept 7, "CSC Outlays 050103 to 090703.doc." If we actually manage to spend $65,000 on the CSC15 prototype and $15,000 on the clubhouse, we'll just burn up what we have in the bank before the wind rolls in again. So far, we've spent el zippo on the CSC15 construction (but dropped a few g's on fundraising), and UC has yet to cash our $5800 check.

And now a word about the windsurf lockers. Isabella La Rocca, our windsurf locker chair, has decided to shift the renewal date on the leases (which bring in about $10k/yr) to May 1 from the current January renewal date. Two reasons why: wind and fiscal year (ours starts May 1). Isabella gets a long list of wannarents during the year, but few seem interested come January (and it's hard to reach them when they're off skiing). Moving the renewal to May 1 should mean a very interested signup list with checks at the ready. Isabella can offer an interim rental (Jan 1 to May 1) to the windsurf lockees, or the opportunity to haul out their stuff so we can move the containers around for the clubhouse/yard renovations. And we should add another rental locker as part of the clubhouse/yard renovations--it may be part of the CSC15 plans, but should be moved ahead to generate revenue. This one should be sized for the newer, wider boards, and should carry a premium on the yearly lease to match the fewer number of lockers per container. It might cost $3500 at most, should bring in that much in a year. Fence news: we had another break-in, yes, but don't get excited, all that was taken was a gas tank from Spongebob. The log says the "tool room" was open, but no tools appear to be missing from either of the two "tool rooms". Ed bought a new gas tank, I got some barbed wire (don't ever try to buy barbed wire if you have 10 minutes before you have to pick up your kid from school and you're wearing a loose shirt and don't have gloves or a salesperson to help), and we're back to normal. Anyone need some barbed wire? we have extra.

Lori (Secretary): The Tuesday night spinnaker runs have been visually beautiful and quite challenging. Thanks to the skippers who teach the Tuesday Spinnaker classes, and the Wednesday night Keelboat lessons. Robert Hood, Sypko, Kent, Ernie, Jim Pottinger, James Wai, Robert Hugel, Leah Teitler, Will Lowe, Alan Arrowsmith, and other Senior Skippers. Your fellow Junior sailors appreciate your guidance and expertise.

    1. 1) Officer election meeting 2) Check-in from U.C. Architecture students regarding clubhouse project 3) Officer reports 4) Antrim project update
  1. New Agenda Items:

    1) Peter Kuhn will approve a tentitive budget by a certain time. The rational behind our present $250.00 spending limit for excom members, allows excomm members to get day to day items as needed to keep the club going w/o having to have excom approve each gasoline or but plug purchase, but isn't enough to pay for a surf trip.

    2) Jim Pottinger made a motion to sign off Will Lowe’s Senior Sailing Project on the Nena. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

    3) Peter Kuhn motioned to replace Asmaa Asyyd, with Pauline Kuykendal. Motion passed with unanimous approval.

    4) Saul Schumsky made a motion to allocate a website link to Aquata, in exchange for marketing opportunities. Pam Crawford motioned to table for discussion. Motion carried.

    5) Discussion regarding CESP meetings and lobbying efforts by East Bay Parks. Paul Kamen would like to see more CSC members attend.

    6) Beth motioned to request $1391.00 to be spent for advertising. Motion tabled for more information.

    7) General Membership Meeting Agenda:

    8) Saul made a motion to pass the agenda. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    9) Peter motioned for cake to be included. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.

    10) Peter Kuhn motioned to allocate $350.00 for Lido rudder construction. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    11) Saul will check on the viability of buying a Lasar with trailer, at $500.00.

    12) CSC will present a salute to Ray the Harbormaster, who is retiring. The BBQ will take place on October 11.

Pauline made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.