All Meeting Minutes

2003.11.02 - Excom

Sunday November 02, 2003

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Jim Pottinger, (1st Vice Commodore); Pauline Kuykendahl (2nd Vice Commodore); Matthias Roschke (3rd Vice Commodore); Beth Burstein, (Rear Commodore); Pamela Crawford & Bruce McKenzie (Port Captains); Peter Kuhn (Treasurer); Lori Taguma (Secretary); Allen Champion (Cruise Chairperson).

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): Weve received two boat donation offers, which we are contemplating. When going through the same 2 week time period of sign up pages as Pauline I found that 69 individual club memebers sign up for boat sign outs or lessons, not including instructors, and 45 individual windsurfers.

Sherry (Vice Commodore): The Open House held today was very successful; we gave fifty-nine rides. I will not be attending the General Membership meeting, but will be running for re-election.

Allen (Cruise Chairperson): I’ve revised the Operating Rule changes for the proposed Cruising Dinghy Area, to include Richmond and Marina Bay. Major concerns for our six new Cruising Skippers are 1) they have adequate knowledge of tide charts 2) have Laser competence 3) they use the buddy system for safety. New proposed rules include one club cruise per quarter. Crew must be at least eighteen years old or a Junior rated member. My second request is to purchase two outboard motors to replace the two strokes.

Jim (1st Vice Commodore): I’ve located my courageous replacement, Robert Towler, who will be taking care of our boating repairs.

Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore): The Windsurf Board Repair Clinic went well yesterday; we plan to hold ongoing repair clinics.

Matthias (3rd Vice Commodore): No report.

Beth (Rear Commodore): Nothing to report.

Pam & Bruce (Port Captains): Bruce is leaving us and I won’t be running for re-election either, but I will be available until we find replacements.

Peter (Treasurer): When we met 10/19/03 we had $87,600, now we got $83,000, so we're $4,600 poorer

Since the last meeting we hauled in $1,757 including $1635 in memberships that I've deposited (and there's another few hundred in the safe still, I'm too lazy to fetch them) $70 in BBQ donations from the 10/19 open house (go Alyssa) $50 in donations (yea Mr B, the United Way came thru)

And we've forked out $6,318, including $1,853 for two new Commander jibs $1,402 for dayleaders work-study for September $656 for clothing hut orders $701 in windsurf repairs and supplies $510 in keelboat repairs and supplies $318 in dinghy repairs and supplies $205 for garbage service and mouseproofing (traps and containers for all the BBQ food) $166 for gen membership mailer postage $150 for two new padlocks and 36 Senior keys $113 in BBQ food $100 for a FCC radio license for the clubhouse

Lori (Secretary): Chloe and I may continue on as co-secretaries. Many thanks to the people who are leaving Ex-Comm including Jim Pottinger who has kept our dinghy fleet floating for the past year, Beth Burstein for her organizational skills, and to Bruce McKenzie and Pam Crawford for their gracious insight.


New Agenda Items:

    1) Jim P. motioned to accept Robert Trowler’s Senior Project proposal, which is to sand and paint the bottom of the Rhodes by January 2004. Motion passed, unanimous approval. Sypko presented his illustrious version of the Senior Speil, outlining senior sailor leadership and motivational responsibilities.

    2) Sherrie made a motion to set four General Membership meeting dates for 2004, subject to BYC availability. Dates are: Feb 5, May 6, Aug. 5, Nov.4. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    3) Sherrie motioned to set nineteen Open House dates for 2004, plus rain dates and a friendly amendment to pick two out of three dates in August. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    4) Beth motioned to approve Operating Rules changes. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    5) Discussion regarding the Power Boat Swim deck situation revealed that there is no further issue.

    6) Discussion concerning two ex-club members who would like to make boat donations. The twenty-seven foot Folk Boat, if accepted, will be sold for profit. The Farallon Clipper, which is in good shape, would also be accepted for re-sale. Saul made to motion to table. Motion passed.

    Matthias made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.