All Meeting Minutes

2003.12.21 - Excom

Sunday December 21, 2003

Present: Saul Schumsky, (Commodore); Sherry Daniel ( Vice Commodore); Robert Towler (1st Vice Commodore); Pauline Kuykendahl (2nd Vice Commodore); Will Lowe (3rd Vice Commodore); Leah Teitler & Allan Arrowsmith, (Rear Commodores); Fred Fannon & John Matthais (Port Captains); Lori Taguma (Co-Secretary).

Ex-Committee Reports

Saul (Commodore): I'm still working on permitting issues with the City. Looked at donation, and will give report as part of agenda.

Sherry (Vice Commodore): Forty-six people attended the Open House. New dates will be posted after tweaking Brochure. Jan open house is the 11th.

Robert (1st Vice Commodore): No Report.

Pauline (2nd Vice Commodore): Windsurf sails are on their way.

Will (3rd Vice Commodore): Movement a foot on new sails for Ensigns. I'm planning a work day to Clean boats and dock boxes.

Leah (Rear Commodore): Alan had a nice sail today while planning a Man Overboard Round Table. We're working on scheduling other lessons and events.

John (Port Captain): Volunteer Day Leaders needed for the holidays. We also need to purchase additional foulies for DL’s.

Peter (Treasurer): Cash in the hold: $80,500, down almost $1500 since last meeting 12/7.

Take for last 2 weeks: $1,002, including: $870 in memberships $82 in donations at the 12/14 bbq $50 donation from Alex B

Layout for last 2 weeks: $2,646, including $1,085 for dayleaders in October $592 to reimburse Jim Pottenger for buying dinghy parts plus food for 2 big bbq's (Labor Day and 9/7) $411 for member clothing order $247 to reimburse Alyssa Yu for buying food for 2 bbq's (12/14 and 11/2--she lost receipts for 11/2, estimated at $150) $50 for membership in US Windsurfing association

Lori (Secretary): Nothing to report.

New Agenda Items:

  • 1) Saul made a motion to accept Kent Moriartys nomination as Cruising Skipper. Motion passed, unanimous approval. Leah Teitler, Will Lowe, and Allan Arrowsmith read several glowing letters of recommendation written by current Cruising Skippers Bob Hood, Allen Champion, and Sypko Andreae. Kent has successfully sailed under three bridges within the North, South, and Berkeley Bay areas, in addition to deftly handling crew and emergency situations. He has shown outstanding leadership abilities worthy of a Cruising Skipper.

    2) In order to streamline spending, Leah proposed a motion for each Excomm member to project short and long term budgets, based on past expenditure reports. Motion passed, unanimous approval.

    3) Discussion on possible dues increase remains open.

    4) Robert T. motioned to talk about Antrim Project again. Motion passed, with six for and two abstentions. Discussion included cost effectiveness of building new designs vs. repairing old dinghies.

    5) Saul motioned to propose paying 125.00 fee for member of Excomm to attend US Sailing Symposium in January. Additional request included Senior member, (Allen Arrowsmith) to sit on symposium panel. Motion approved.

    6) Discussion regarding needing more CSC representation at Wednesday night (7:30) Waterfront Commission meetings.

    7) Boat donation discussion included looking at the Farallon Clipper and questions about tax deductions.

    8) Saul motioned to add Jim Pottinger to the Rating Committee, which will allow Jim to give Senior Dinghy Tests. Motion passed, with unanimous approval. When current Chair Chris Havel leaves the area, the Chair position will be open.

    9) Saul motioned to approve the agenda for the next General Membership meeting. Agenda will include: 1) Possible dues increase 2) Officer reports, with spending justifications 3) Food, including dessert 4) Clubhouse Project update

    Will made the motion to adjourn. Motion passed, with unanimous approval.