How Tides Affect Club Operation

The South Sailing Basin, where the Cal Sailing Club launches its dinghies, has been silting in over the decades, and at very low tides the depth of water at the dock is too shallow to operate our rescue skiff. When that occurs, dinghies and windsurfing equipment cannot be used by members with a rating of Junior Skipper (in the case of dinghies) or Junior Plus Windsurfer (for windsurfing equipment) or below. Equipment may still be used by those with higher ratings who do not require the rescue skiff to be operational. You can also use the time to get your work credit out of the way, take your written or rigging tests, sail with a Senior or Cruising Skipper, or just sit on the bench and enjoy the scenery!

The following table may be used to help plan your sailing schedule, and avoid times when there is not enough water there at the dock to sail. The column headings are defined below the table.

When the tide level is below +1.5 ft., the rescue skiff may not be able to operate (times in yellow on the chart). Depending on conditions, the Day Leader may launch the low-tide skiff, which can operate to +0.0 ft. Below +0.0 ft. even the low-tide skiff cannot operate, and the club will close (times in red on the chart). 

The tide times used in generating this table are  estimates only . Many factors influence tide height which cannot easily be predicted (flow of rivers into the Bay, atmospheric pressure, etc.). It is the Day Leader's responsibility to evaluate conditions and determine club operating hours. Note that currently observed low tides at Richmond Inner Harbor are around 0.2 feet higher than predictions. You can apply this correction factor to the tide predictions for the Berkeley Marina to get an approximate idea of what the tides might actually be.

You can click on the Date and see the tide graph for that date.

This table is based on the official CSC thresholds of +1.5 ft. for low tide and +0.0 ft. for club closure.

Estimated CSC Schedule for tide-based closure for

October, 2020

DateOpenMid-Day Low WaterMid-Day CloseMid-Day ReopenMid-Day Normal WaterDockSunsetLow Tide
Thu Oct 1Noon5:40 PM6:21 PM6:21 PM6:51 PM6:42 PM
Fri Oct 2Noon5:53 PM6:20 PM6:20 PM6:50 PM7:15 PM
Sat Oct 39:00 AM6:13 PM6:18 PM6:18 PM6:48 PM7:48 PM
Sun Oct 49:00 AM6:17 PM6:47 PM8:23 PM
Mon Oct 5Noon6:15 PM6:45 PM9:01 PM
Tue Oct 6Noon6:14 PM6:44 PM8:50 AM
Wed Oct 7Noon6:12 PM6:42 PM9:30 AM
Thu Oct 8Noon6:11 PM6:41 PM10:27 AM
Fri Oct 9Noon6:09 PM6:39 PM11:52 AM
Sat Oct 109:00 AM6:08 PM6:38 PM1:21 PM
Sun Oct 119:00 AM6:06 PM6:36 PM2:28 PM
Mon Oct 12Noon6:05 PM6:35 PM3:20 PM
Tue Oct 13Noon6:03 PM6:33 PM4:07 PM
Wed Oct 14Noon3:52 PM5:51 PM6:02 PM6:32 PM4:52 PM
Thu Oct 15Noon3:55 PM6:01 PM6:01 PM6:31 PM5:38 PM
Fri Oct 16Noon4:19 PM5:53 PM5:53 PM5:53 PM5:53 PM6:29 PM6:25 PM
Sat Oct 179:00 AM4:52 PM5:58 PM5:58 PM6:28 PM7:13 PM
Sun Oct 189:00 AM5:32 PM5:56 PM5:56 PM6:26 PM8:03 PM
Mon Oct 19Noon5:55 PM6:25 PM8:57 PM
Tue Oct 20Noon5:54 PM6:24 PM8:50 AM
Wed Oct 21Noon5:52 PM6:22 PM9:52 AM
Thu Oct 22Noon5:51 PM6:21 PM11:13 AM
Fri Oct 23Noon5:50 PM6:20 PM12:44 PM
Sat Oct 249:00 AM5:49 PM6:19 PM2:03 PM
Sun Oct 259:00 AM5:47 PM6:17 PM3:06 PM
Mon Oct 26Noon5:46 PM6:16 PM3:56 PM
Tue Oct 27Noon4:22 PM4:55 PM5:45 PM6:15 PM4:39 PM
Wed Oct 28Noon4:03 PM5:44 PM5:44 PM6:14 PM5:17 PM
Thu Oct 29Noon4:12 PM5:43 PM5:43 PM6:13 PM5:51 PM
Fri Oct 30Noon4:27 PM5:42 PM5:42 PM6:12 PM6:23 PM
Sat Oct 319:00 AM4:46 PM5:40 PM5:40 PM6:10 PM6:54 PM

CSC Open and Close Times and Tides version 3.2.0