White Cards - Ratings and Tests Passed Going Digital

From now on, this data will be maintained in the website database. That means that recording tests passed and ratings will be done online, and you will be able to view your White Card online.

Why are we doing this?

Not because we love technology, we don't. But in this case, technology helps us quite a bit. Every year we purge White Cards for members whose memberships expired a while ago, as the Club operating rules specify that tests and ratings are not valid after a lapse of two years in membership. This is a painful manual process. It's also hard to get data to help us run the club (how many Seniors are there? how many make Junior each year? etc.). There are things like Racing Skipper certification that we don't keep track of in any meaningful way. Keeping all of this on the website database helps in all of these areas.

How to Approve a Test

Login to the website using your CSC userid and password.

Go to Memberships->Record Tests

Search for the member using their member ID or a part of their name, userid, or email. If searchiing by name, you will get a list of possible matches. Click on the one you want and hit Submit.

You will see a White Card form (page 1 – ratings and tests).

If you are authorized to approve a test,  there will be a Pass button on the line for that test. Click on it. You'll get a form where you  can edit the Date Approved and Approved By. Enter these items and click Submit.

If passing this tests awards a Rating (e.g., Novice Windsurfing Self Rescue or Junior Sailboat Sailing), you should update the member's rating. Click on Edit Ratings in the Ratings portion of the White Card (this is new, as we hadn't tracked ratings explicitly). If you are authorized to change the rating, you will see a dropdown for the rating category (e.g., Windsurfing or Sailing – Dinghy). Set the new rating with this and click Submit. You're done.

In the transition period, you may have to check the paper White Cards to make sure the member has met all of the qualfications for the rating other than the test you're passing. If so, you do not need to copy those earlier tests onto the digital White Card. Just pass the test you administered and change the rating.

What does it mean to be authorized to approve a test or a rating change?

The website just implements what has been the CSC policy for who can approve what. For example, only a Senior Sailor can approve a Rigging Test or a Novice or Junior On-the-Water Test, only a Senior Windsurfer can approve a Windsurfer Junior Sailing Test, only an ExCom member can approve a Senior Project for Sailing or Windsurfing, only a Rating Committee Member of the appropriate type can approve a Senior or Cruise rating, etc. The website keeps track of all this and only lets you change what you are allowed to change under the club rules.

How does all of this work during the transition period, when the paper data is not yet transferred to digital?

  1. All newly passed tests are recorded only on the website, not on the White Card.
  2. When you earn a new rating, the tester may have to check both the White Card and the website to see that you've passed all of the requirments. In that case, the tester simply records the test you just passed and your new rating on the website. The tester does not need to copy the older tests passed onto the website.

How do I see my own White Card?

Easy. Login to the website and go to the Home page (you should be taken there automatically when you login). Scroll to the bottom to My Account and click on Test Log. Your White Card should appear.

What if my White Card data is incorrect?

I know I passed this test, but it isn't there. Or my rating isn't correct.

First of all, it will take a while to get all the paper data transferred over, and we have primed the database from some earlier reference points. So you may see no data, partial data, or out-of-date data. Don't be concerned about this until the data transfer is completed. We will announce when this is done, so your White Card should be correct then.

But, especially if you're a long-standing member, have you looked at your White Card recently? Can even you decypher the entries? So undoubtedly there will be errors in the data transfer, but we will fix them. Just contact the Webmaster with the details, and we'll go from there.

Who can see my White Card

Any club member, just like for the paper cards. Any logged-in member can go to Memberships->View Test Log to look up the White Card of any member.