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May 29, 2020 GMM minutes


Meeting Date: May 29, 2020

Start Time: 6:05 pm

End Time: 6:55 pm

Location: Virtual








Mary Lucus-Flannery



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Christina Polito-Halter



Vice Commodore (co)

Min Lee



Vice Commodore (co)

Tone Toe



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Memo Gunay



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Sofien Sehiri



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Jennifer Johnson



Port Captain (co)

Kevin Corcoran



Port Captain (co)

Brenden Kallaby




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown




Officer’s Reports


Commodore (Mary) Welcome to our first virtual GMM! I want to acknowledge and thank you for contributing to the club fundraiser in March. We are grateful that you are all here. I want to acknowledge how much we appreciate all of you, our members. Your generosity made it possible for us to have the ability to get through this and plan for the future.


I've been attending meetings with DBW affiliates to learn how other aquatic clubs are reopening. The Bay Trail Update: the work is largely done, there is still some signage that needs to be placed. The final product will also involve dock updates. Due to construction, there are times when we might be down to one dock.


Vice Commodore (Christina, Min, Tone, Lonnie) When we reopen we will not be having large groups, parties, or open houses in the near future.


First Vice (James, Memo) the dinghy fleet is still in the yard. We actually have two JYs on order. When the factory reopens up we will get two new hulls. And we have funding to purchase a 3rd. This means there will be 3 brand new JYs by the end of this year. 


Second Vice (Sofien) We ordered more booms and universals to accommodate the high touch restrictions. Racing and kid’s lessons are on hold. Our focus is to get the club open and reevaluate what’s next.


Third Vice (Ryan) The keelboat fleet is good. We are making plans for the maintenance we can do safely. Most work requires groups, but Dr. Who did get a bottom job. Other projects are on hold.


Rear Commodore (John - Sailing and Jennifer (JJ) - Windsurfing) 

John - We’ve been keeping up momentum with virtual activities. The Senior Study group is almost finished with virtual sessions. We have video sessions almost every-week for general members on various sailing topics. We are working to figure out how and when we can restart lessons. 

JJ - I Jennifer, I stepped into this position when it was vacant earlier this year. Our lesson plans are on hold until we can do this safely.


Port Captain (Brenden, Kevin) DLs are doing well. A few are in the area and will be involved in the reopening work.


Treasurer (Peter - for Stella)- Annual Statement of Financial Condition May 1 2020

As of May 1st we had $69,942 in the bank, and our property was worth $470,121 (depreciated book value). Bank balance (including the loans from the Small Business Administration) was up $48,966 from 5/1/19, property was down $28,773 (because depreciation exceeded purchases). This statement was prepared without audit from the club’s books.


Income and Loans 5/1/19 - 4/30/20


Regular memberships


DBW grant--reimbursement 13 novice boards, 15 novice sails


Donations, surplus equipment sales, credit card cash rewards


Windsurf locker memberships


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income


SBA Covid19 Loans: EIDL advance (doesn't have to be repaid), Paycheck Protection Program (can be forgivable)


Total Income and Loans



Spending 5/1/19 - 4/30/20


Dinghies--Deposit for 2 JY15's, UFO sailboat, 9 Quest mainsails, 2 Venture masts, 4 Quest rudders, paddles, line, tiller extensions, mast track, glue, rivets, repair centerboard stirrups, bilge pumps, spinnaker repair tape, cotter rings, batten tips, 2 Laser dollies, sail feeder, Quest rudderblade, polyester resin and hardener, spray paint, cleats, rubrail, centerboard hangers, jib halyards, trapeze kit, forestay, quick release pins, plastic strip, spreader brackets, JY centerboards, disposable gloves, paddles, caulk, hiking stick clips, fast pins, tethers, horn, gas and toll for 1st Vice, blocks, aluminum bar and plate, fasteners, safety tread, hiking strap repair labor, cotter rings, fuel filter, fast pin, bobble, cam cleat repair kit, dump fee Quest hull, fid, drainplugs, boom ends, non-skid foam material, acetone, goosenecks, JY tillers, sail repair tape, workparty snax, shock cord, kite sock materials, mast gates, dolly tires and tubes, hatch, epoxy resin, bubble solution, glue, trapeze adj cleats, clamcleats, cable, fittings, -hose washers, spray bottle for dinghy leak testing, RS800 spreader brackets, universal joints, horn cleat,

wire rings, swivel blocks, lead rings, batten material and tips, sail repairs.


Dayleader wages and taxes, dayleader radios and knives, toll for VDL, boatercard fees, snack for dayleader meetings



Windsurf--6 BIC novice boards, 15 Ripper novice sails, 40 NoLimitz windsurf mast sections, 3 boards 133 137 145 liters, 94l windsurf board

Exocet Cross, NP board and sails, Naish Vector board, 3 sails 5.8 6.4 7.0, 2 sails 4.4 , 3 windsurf sails, 3 used windsurf sails, 4 mast tops, board nose protectors, board nose protectors, gas for second vice, sanding discs, hooks, stencils, acetone, epoxy, coveralls, dust masks, markers, fiberglass, o-rings, double-sided tape, hoze nozzles, filler, cabinet construction supplies, backing pads, spray paint, windsurf closet rack and shelf materials, epoxy hardener, carbon mast extension, monofilm, universals, lock, stencils, supplies for board repair clinic, sail repairs, sail tape


Clubhouse and Yard--portapotty service, garbage service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, materials for DSL cable repair, lumber for sanding room project, screws, supplies for seawall ladder, water filter, snax, spray paint, bolts, MOB bin, shelf, propane, dish soap, trashcans, dump fees, trailer rental, disposable utensils, paper towels, milk, vegetable oil, showerheads, supplies for windsurf rack roof, brooms, dustpans, disposable gloves, wiring supplies, hoist controls and wires, coffee, tablet computer for board hospital, BBQ parts, safety tread for clubhouse steps, trash bags, sling supplies, shower parts, spray primer, plumbers tape, dish soap, no parking sign, pesticide (yellowjackets), die, asphalt, tamper, lock lube, finance charge, , cable ties, tape, materials and packing and shipping for hoist template, aluminum strip, rubber mallet, router, lightbulbs, shellac, raft sticks, yellowjacket traps, valves for hoses, umbrellas, wheel for hand truck, gas can spout, anchor shackle, oil, nails, gloves, crayon, hose for J dock, used computer for clubhouse, weedwhacker line, oil, tube patch kit, switch

for website computer


Insurance--commercial property and general liability insurance 4/14/19- 4/14/20, commercial property and general and marine liability insurance 4/14/20- 4/14/21, directors and officers insurance, workers comp deposit

and premiums


Activities--food for Open Houses and General Membership Meetings and racing dinners and gennaker run dinners and Fast Track dinners and seminars and training and clinics and new members parties and Memorial Day BBQ and youth rides, gift cards for GMM, flag tape for dinghy games, Berkeley Yacht Club room rentals for General Membership Meetings, decorations for City of Berkeley winterwaterfront festival and lighted boat parade, cruise dock fees, food for cruises, snacks for clubhouse, coffee for clubhouse, paper towels, food for dinghy games party, used child wetsuit,

cocoa, oil, cakemix, pizza and soda and ice for windsurfer party, software for keelboat lessons



Keelboats--bottom paint and equipment for J/80, Merit 25 rudder, haulout Meritorious, Haulout Commander Donald, keelboat engine service parts, hull cleanings, haulout supplies, wiring supplies, part for broken motor mount, J80 mast removal and reinstall supplies, hull cleanings, wiring supplies, fender, cleaning supplies, halyard, throwable cushion, line, fenders, twine, windex, cam cleat, blocks, ball, tiller extension socket, shackles, sail stops, cleats, teak plugs, battery box, cleats, strap, guide, LED bulb, cam cleat riser base, deck plates, caulk, jib fairlead car, motor mount, track slides, fasteners, placards, cushions, fast pins, -light, twine. boat hook, fenders, tubing, lube spray, grease, block, hooks, hose clamps, rig tape, snakes, fuel connectors, sail cover fasteners, winch handle, hasp, cable, swages, Commander forestay, fasteners, calendar, fasteners, screwdrivers, winch repair kit, hiking stick socket, J80 furler key, sail repairs, keelboat

engine parts


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration, corporate statement filing fee, state income tax filing fee, Berkeley business license, property taxes on boats and yard space possessory interest and streetlight



Safety Equipment: 15 Excel and 10 Decathlon wetsuits, warranty exchanges on VHF dayleader radios, 20 Stohlquist Escape PFDs, postage to ship wetsuits for repair, sunscreen, dayleader PFDs, 1st aid supplies, 3 used wetsuits, charger cradle for VHF radio, helmet, batteries for keelboat SOS lights, disposable gloves, 6 pcs used foul weather gear


Bank--credit card processing, bank fees


Rescue skiffs--466 gallons gas, parts for engine annual service, oil, fuel tank, throttle and gearshift cables, cotter pins, propeller, wiring supplies, socket, caulk, thru-hulls for skiff bilge pump discharge, propeller guard replacement and repairs and supplies for guard fit jig, skiff trailer wheel parts, caulk, steering cable, fuel line and primer bulb, grease, fuse diode,

silicone sealant, drill bit, fasteners, spare keys


Tools--drill bits, grommet tool, wrench, wire wheel, trash bags, blow gun, angle grinders, sander backing pads, flap wheel, tap, tap handle, spray paint, torch propane tank, brushes, knives, dremel tool part, riveters and replacement jaws for repair, safety glasses, clamps, rotary files, sockets and adapters, sanding discs, sander belts, gloves, hole saw, sander, screwdriver,

hitch pins, scissors


Communications-- DBW meeting expenses, shipping costs for returns and piece of failed Quest cockpit floor and damaged propeller guards, website software licenses and subscriptions and fees and hosting, email service subscription, Iwindsurf subscription for clubhouse wind checking computer, brokers fee for windsurf boards (misapplied customs duties were refunded),

copying signs and signout books and Open House flyers


Office Supplies--tax return software, labelmaker, tape, notarization for letter, stamps and checks for Treasurer



Total Spending



Budget for Next Fiscal Year

Excomm adopted the following budget for the 5/1/2020 – 4/30/2021 fiscal year. It is only intended as an interim budget, due to the present shutdown, and is based on ad hoc assumptions about reopen date, dues, dayleaders, etc.



Fiscal Year Budget

Expected Income


Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker)



DBW reimbursement



UC Work-Study Reimbursement



Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc.



Total Income


Authorized Spending


Club activities



Dinghies and rescue skiffs












Clubhouse and Yard



General Overhead



Total Spending



Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club, and to all the generous members who donated and renewed during the time we had to stay closed!


Special Presentation: The process for reopening the club

Plans were presented for a multi-staged re-opening aligned with requirements from local government. When the club re-opens, the website will be updated to inform members of new procedures.

Presented by : Mark Elgood

Healthcare prospective from: Mariya

Plus numerous members of ex com, John Bongiovanni, Memo, James Clarkson, Brenden, Sofien, Ryan Alder, Jennifer Johnson, Carolyn, Christina, Tone



There were no nominations from the floor





Unanimous Approval

Vote in existing members of Excomm




Adjourn @ 6:55