Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Wed May 29 Late Open2:18 PM to 7:55 PM8:25 PM-0.6 @ 11:13 AM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

Day Leader's WhiteBoard


Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.

Kids Windsurfing

Kids Windsurfing lessons are on Saturday mornings during the summer. Please check the windsurfing lesson signup list for specific dates. Lessons usually appear there 1-2 weeks before the lesson.
Please be on time so your kids take advantage of the whole session and don’t miss a beat. Also make sure your kids are already CSC members so they can sign out gear.
It’s highly recommended to bring their own wetsuits although we carry some at CSC. If you choose to purchase a wetsuit, buy one that is listed as a "4/3" wetsuit which indicates that it is 4mm thick at the torso and 3mm thick at the arms and legs.
Our windsurfing kids program is designed to introduce windsurfing to kids of all ages but preferably 8  to 17 years old. The young windsurfers will learn in mild wind conditions and glassy flat water using state of the art equipment. As they improve their skills they will be exposed to more challenging conditions. Guardians will be advised to bring the advanced children to practice more frequently and during the windy times of the day (typically in the afternoon).