Instructional Windsurfing Videos

These are windsurfing instruction videos (produced by former windsurfing rear commodore Will Spargur)  that have been contributed over the years at CSC.

Novice Windsurfing: On the Water Tips

Review carrying your rig to the dock and launching. Watch video.

Review body, sail and board position on the water.  Watch video

More on body, board positioning in relation to wind direction. Watch video. 

Review self-rescue, steering, tacking, falling, return to dock. Watch video. 

Checking out Equipment

Getting started: checking out gear, getting set up properly and checking for damage.  Watch video

Tacking Footwork

Turning your board: Exercises for practicing tacking on land. Watch video.


Get your ratings, and you can do this new kind of windsurfing!  Watch video.