Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Jul 22 Noon to 7:57 PM8:27 PM-1.4 @ 7:25 AM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

Day Leader's WhiteBoard


Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.

Club Operating Rules

Operating Rules

These rules cover ratings, sailing areas, and general operations. This is the bible for how the Club runs.

Code of Conduct

Conduct expected of Cal Sailing Club Members


Dinghy Manuals

 Introductory Handbook for Sailing Boats

This basic handbook has all the information a CSC member needs to learn everything from sailing terminology to performing your first gybe.


Step up to nimbleness on this great two person dinghy.

Rudderless Sailing eBook

An introduction to the theory and practice of rudderless sailing, a required senior skill.

A Practical Guide to Rudderless Sailing

Detailed steps on how to sail a dinghy rudderless.

The Sailing Circle

A diagram of the Sailing Circle, with points of sail and how the sails work on each.

Junior Onboard

What you need to know as a new Junior Dinghy Sailor. Includes references on teaching, Open House skippering, and how to go even higher in the rating system.

Taking Out a Dinghy

Checklist for inspecting a dinghy so that you don't find problems on the water.

Dinghy Do's and Don'ts

How you should put a dinghy away when you're done sailing to make it easier for the next sailor.

Keelboat Manuals

Keelboat Manual

This is the second edition of our new manual for the club's keelboats, and it's a must-read for everyone who enjoys our Commanders, Merits, and Capri.

Do's and Don'ts: Best Practices for Rigging Down the CSC Keelboats

A supplement to the Keelboat Manual.

DSC Tutorial v3.1 

A tutorial on how to use Digital Selective Calling on the VHF radios in the club's keelboats.

Outboard Motor Guide

Every time you go out, check this.

Keelboat Pre-Sail Checklist

How to use and troubleshoot our keelboat outboard engines.

Motor Hoisting

How to use a spinnaker pole to hoist a motor off a boat.

Keelboat Documents

You might need a copy of these documents to dock at a local marina.

CA Boat Registration


Uncle Donald 

Dr Who


Sea Horse


Club Insurance Documents

Marine General Liability

Windsurfing Manuals

 Introductory Handbook for Windsurfing

This handbook gives new members all the information they need including windsurfing terminology, club rules, and basic technique.

Windsurf Ratings Novice, Jr, J+, and Sr explained.

The 10-Step Guide to Windsurfing by Bill Prinzmetal

An online 10-step guide to windsurfing -- with four bonus steps!! -- by long time CSC member Bill Prinzmetal.

Water Starting

How to have an uplifting experience on that windsurf board, and avoid having to uphaul a big sail in big wind with big waves

Windsurf Board Repair Tutorialindsurf Board Repair Tutorial

How to do the fiberglass repair work on our boards.

Some useful links:
NB Windsurfing has a great guide to the top mistakes a windsurfer could make
Although its a bit dated, the Boards has a great guide to buying a new board, which was pretty useful.
Kite & Windsurfing has a great guide on places to go windsurfing.

Written Test for Advanced Ratings

Sample Senior/Cruise Written Test

This is a sample Senior/Cruise test Paul Kamen developed some time ago. It's a good study guide for both of the written tests. Note that there are both Senior and Cruise questions in the sample (and no indication of which is which). Also the actual Senior test has a completely different format (it's not multiple choice, but essay). Same thing for the Cruise written.

Dayleader's Manual

Dayleader's Manual

The bible for both paid and volunteer Dayleaders, now including skiffery, with (soon to come) an online quiz (log in, go to Ratings, Written Tests) for dayleader rating.

Maintenance Manuals

Windsurf Board Ding Repair

How to fix that ding, and in the process learn never to bang the dock or step on a board.

Motors and Motoring

A handy dandy little document about the club's motors, current as of April 2009, covering their use and care, extending to both the skiff motors (2 whalers, one sketchmobile) and the keelboat motors (on 2 Commanders, Pomodoro, and Meritorious).

Sketchmobile motor service manual

Owner's manual for keelboat outboard motors

Official Documents


These cover officer duties, elections, and other official club procedures


Purpose of the club and other fundamental structure.

Liability Release Medical Info Form

Both these forms are required for youth memberships, the liability release is required for Open House introductory sail participants who are less than 18 years old.

City of Berkeley License (for use of yard and clubhouse area)

Agreement to rent, from 2015 through 2020.

Official Reports

 Annual Report: Form 990 Filing to IRS and State of California

Like all IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporations, Cal Sailing Club sends in an informational return to the IRS and the State of California each year. 

Forms & Misc.

Donation Receipt for everyone who wants to donate a million bucks or a house on the hill to the club. Sorry, we can't accept your sailing or windsurfing gear without seeing it first and then voting on it. If you have recent (last 5 years) windsurf gear, contact the Second Vice Commodore. If you want to donate your prized dinghy, send an invite to the First Vice Commodore. And if you're thinking we could use your well-loved keelboat, shout out to the Third Vice Commodore. But we're always grateful for cash donations or residences in prime locations, just contact the moneybags who'll be glad to send over an armored car, it sure beats carting donated 1990's windsurf gear to the dump or cutting up delaminated keelboats!

Cruise Report Form for Cruising Skippers before and after a cruise.

The club rents Windsurf Lockers on the club premises. This is a map of the lockers:

Locker Map

Technical Documents

Webcam Documentation

How the webcams work and how to trouble'shoot them.