Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Sat Jun 22 Late Open10:29 AM to 8:06 PM8:36 PM-1.4 @ 7:04 AM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.3 feet higher than predictions.

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Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.


Cal Sailing Club's Executive Committee is the board of directors for the club. Each officer has responsibility for one aspect of the club's operations and gets a vote in ExComm decisions on buying stuff, scheduling club activities, etc. The ExCommies are elected at General Membership Meetings in November and May. Note: if you really need to communicate with someone on the list below, come to the club and contact them in person, don't just send an email.

Commodore: Nicholas Waton, Mariya Ryazantseva

Oversees operation of the club, and acts as official spokesperson and representative.

Vice Commodore:  Isha Mishra, Dennis Tai

Coordinate memberships, publicity, and events!

First Vice Commodore: James Clarkson, Mehmet Gunay

In charge of the club's fleet of dinghies

Second Vice Commodore: Ted DeBonis, Adam Rinder, Sofien Sehiri

CEO's re windsurfing equipment

Third Vice Commodore: Ryan Alder, Shreyas Chand

In charge of keelboats

Rear Commodore: John Bongiovanni (Sailing), Randi Shapiro (Windsurfing), David Gadarian (Windsurfing)

Board of Education for the club's training of members.

Port Captain: Birk Huber, Audrey Yen

Human resources department

Secretary: Marco Falcioni, Sara Zimmerman

Wins swordfights with keyboard

Treasurer: Fluffy, assisted by Peter Kuhn




Committee Chairs

The club has a number of committees (usually of one) that take care of certain activities. The committee chairs are designated by the Commodore.

Banquet Chair: Dawson Verley

Feast organizer

Cruising Chair: Allan Champion

Really gets around

Communications/Social Media Chair: Mariya Ryazntseva

Spreads the word about the Club far and wide into the digital eco-system.

Sail maintenance chair: Sheldon Coad

Lower that jib at the dock, or else...

Sail Rating Chair: Mark Yampanis

The person to know when you want to obtain one of the club's advanced sailing ratings.

Saturday Morning Teaching Chair: Vacant

Appoints the clipboard carrier who will hook up teachers and students

Dinghy Racing Chair: Clark Steward, Penny Wieser, Aradhna Mayalall

Administer race rules test, run Sunday morning races and Thursday evening races (we only do these during Daylight Savings Time)

Windsurfing Board Repair Chair: Ted Debonis

Resin Master

Windsurfing locker chair: Cindoll!

Rents lockers for storing your own windsurf gear at the club

Windsurfing Sail Repair chair: Mitsu Ozaki

Keeps the Club's windsurfing sails in top condition.

Windsurfing Rating Chair: Eric Lee

Who to contact for your Senior Windsurfing rating.

Windsurfing Field Trips Chair: Christine Page

Wind surfing field trips Chair: organizer and leader of the windsurfing trips to sherman Island and other safe and fun windsurfing spots.

Womens Sailing Chair: Alyssa Lichtenstein

Coordinates teaching programs by and for women sailors

Youth Ride Chair: David Elias, Christian Bauer

Organizes skippers and crew for our summer youth introductory sail programs

Membership Chair: Nicholas Waton

Brings in new members to keep the Club young and fresh

Safety Gear Chair: AnnaLise Hoopes

CEO of Nautical Fashion (Foulies, wetsuits, and PFDs)

Fast Track Chair: Mike Jones

Making our Dinghy Fast Track program a wild success.

Conduct Chair: Vacant/Looking for one

Who day leaders and club members should contact if they experience harassment or uncomfortable situations at the club.

Marina Planning Chair: Camille Antinori

Influencer in city planning meetings to freshen up the Marina.

Diversity Chair: Lisa Dinh, Alex Francois

Measures and tracks club membership diversity and promotes access and inclusion


Email Discussion Lists

Members of CSC and anyone interested can communicate with each other by e-mail through the Email Discussion Lists, which are a lively and informative forum for discussing topics relevant to sailing and Cal Sailing Club.

Address and Phone Number

The club's mailing address is:

Cal Sailing Club
124 University Avenue
Berkeley, California 94710

The Cal Sailing Club does not have a phone. You can contact any of the above officers and chairpersons through e-mail, or you can find them down at the club (usually on windy weekends!).

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