Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Thu Apr 18 Late Open5:36 PM to 7:19 PM7:49 PM0.5 @ 3:29 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.3 feet higher than predictions.

Day Leader's WhiteBoard


Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.

Other Useful Info

Club Weather Station 

Current conditions and historical data.

Sailing Links

A variety of sailing/windsurfing-related sites by CSC members and others.


Tides in Berkeley

These are predictions only, and the actual water level can be higher or lower depending on barometric pressure, runoff into the Bay, etc. The water by the west dock (the one nearest the club) generally goes dry at about -0.5' MLLW, approximately. The dayleader may opt to use the sketchmobile as rescue skiff, in which case members can go sailing and windsurfing if they choose, even if the mud under the dock is barely moist.

Coming Soon - Knots!

Practical info and links about knots.

Resources for Cruising Skippers

BASK Trip Planner This is a great site, the Bay Area Sea Kayakers. Kayakers have to deal with current much more that we sailors do. This is an interactive map of currents in the Bay by date.

NOAA Chart Locator Interactive map of the US showing all NOAA charts

Downloaded Documents These are downloads of various documents, charts, manuals, etc. that could be of use to Cruising Skippers. They are available online, but this is an easy one-stop place to find them. They are not necessarily the latest versions.

Weather Links

Bay Area sailing links

Other sailing related links

  • The latest Racing Rules from the International Sailing Federation
  • Animated knots - Can't quite get down how to tie a bowline? This site has some pretty good step-by-step animations of how to tie bowlines, figure eights, and more.
  • Other Local Yacht Clubs - A list of links to yacht clubs.
  • Ever wonder what the Beaufort Scale is? This page from the National Weather Service in Chicago provides a history of the wind scale, charts and pictures.
  • Tide data updated real time, including nifty Java plots of the data.
  • Regular and marine weather forecasts for the Bay Area can be found at the National Weather Service.
  • Iwindsurf (was: Call of the Wind) provides wind, tide, and current information about many windsurifng locations around North America and Hawaii.  Get a pager that lets you know when it is time to leave work!
  • San Francisco Boardsailing Association is a non-profit organization that addresses concerns of the boardsailing community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Home pages by CSC members

Commercial Links

  • Svendsen's Chandlery, 1851 Clement Ave., Alameda, 800-824-2391, is our supersalty source for swedish snap shackles, self-tailing winches, trapeze harnesses, holystones, X-ply, and all the specialized stuff and savvy so essential to our sailboats' salubriousness.
  • Sunset Sailboards, hosted by our own Kev Kan, (510) 919-0913, is the Bay's newest windsurfing only gear shop.
  • Delta Windsurf, 916-777-2299, is another of our much-appreciated supporters, and a great place to get gear for the Delta and beyond.
  • West Marine, is our local (Oakland, Richmond, and Alameda) and internet source for most of our hardware.  It's a good place for foul weather gear, line, rigging, and just about anything else you can imagine spending your money on.
  • Berkeley Marine Center 843-8195 is where our keelboats get their haulouts right here in the Berkeley Marina.
  • Grocery Outlet provides most of the food for our BBQ's, is the best place to get your groceries (including beer and wine) cheap, and their world headquarters are right over the bridge from us.