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DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Jul 15 Noon to 8:02 PM8:32 PM2.8 @ 12:52 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

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Fleet - Windsurfing

Windsurfing Fleet


The club's fleet of novice windsurf boards are stable and steady, making it as easy for beginners to stay upright on the water.  They range from 160 to 250 liters in volume, and have centerboards to help you sail upwind.  All are modern trainer boards that are wide and covered with foam for durability and traction. Specific models include JP Funsters, RRD Easyrides, and Naish Kailuas.  To pair with these boards, we have a collection of lightweight Sailworks Ripper sails (1.2 - 4.2 m2) that are kept rigged and ready to go with booms in place, as well as the full-size sails that are stored with booms off to conserve space.



Our Junior boards are freeride-style boards with footstraps and no center fin. Sizes range from 125 to 155 liters, which allow beginner windsurfers to progress incrementally as they improve their balance, footwork, and technique. These boards are typically composed of a fiberglass-wood sandwich and do not have as much foam padding as novice boards, making them much more fragile. However, the smaller size and lighter materials make the board nimble and fast, allowing windsurfers to plane with ease. Junior’s also gain access to larger, more advanced sails. These range from 3.5 to 7.5 m2 and come in variety of styles, including wave, freestyle, freeride, and slalom.



J+ boards are even lighter and more varied than the junior boards. This fleet includes freeride, freewave, freemove, and freestyle boards, ranging from 90 to 120 liters. The different styles allow our J+ windsurfers to experiment with different techniques (blasting, jumping, wave-riding, etc) and conditions. The smaller size also boosts speed and agility. Specific models include JP All-ride/X-Cite, Fanatic Eagles/Hawks, Tabou Rocket, RRD Firerace/Firemove, and more.



In 2018, CSC acquired three foiling boards. One is a custom assembled rig for beginner lessons. The other two are fully equipped 2018 Starboard Hydrofoils with an aluminum mast and carbon wings. The foils will provide F-rated members with a new experience and allow them to plane smoothly in light wind. Foiling is available to J+ and Senior windsurfers who have passed the foiling exam and completed their requisite volunteer hours.



These are our newest and most advanced boards. They are small (70-100 liters) and super lightweight, typically constructed of carbon and wood laminate. Like the J+ fleet, they cover all the riding styles but are lighter and more specialized. Specific models include the JP supersport/freestyle wave/magic ride, Fanatic Freewave, Tabou 3-style/Twister/Rocket, RRD freestyle wave, and much more.

Only our most skilled windsurfers, who have earned the Sr. rating though practice and volunteer work for the club, are entrusted with these boards.