CSC is shut down until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation. See below for specifics.

Looking to learn how to sail or windsurf? Improve your skills? Race or Cruise? Join a fun community?

The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing and windsurfing club, located at the Berkeley Marina, that offers lessons, recreation, and free programs for the general public. Learn more about who we are.

Membership costs just $120 for 3 months ($99 for students and seniors) plus 2 hours volunteer work. There are no charges for lessons or use of equipment. Join today!

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Updates from our Sailing & Windsurfing Programs

New Windsurfing Videos

Will Spargur, former Rear Commodore for Windsurf Instruction, has produced a set of videos on learning windsurfing that you can see here.

Sailing Video Lessons during the Shutdown

We can't go on the water, but we can still learn. We're holding video sessions once a week on various sailing topics. Check out Daniel Baldassare's session on Racing here.

Email the Rear Commodore if you're interested in participating. Or just watch the CSC Announce List for details.

Annual Financial Statement

Check out Stella's report here.

Update on Membership Renewals and Donations

As of 10:20am April 17

The CSC community has responded overwhelmingly in the last month.

As of now, this is what we have received since the shutdown on March 16:

Regular Membership Renewals* 
140+ renewals for $27,795
Windsurf Locker Renewals 18 renewals for $7,200
Donations $27,258

*all regular memberships are on hold while we're closed, so these renewals are prepayments of dues that will apply when we re-open.  Windsurf lockers involve no shared equipment and remain usable with precautions including social distancing.

This is a total of $62,253.  According to our Treasurer, this is enough to pay the insurance and other fixed costs for years even if we remain shut down, and should be plenty to help us get going again when we're allowed to re-open.

Thank you all for pulling together as a community. It shows how special CSC is.

CSC Members - You're Fantastic

(This is a note from the Commodore less than one day after the appeal for help went out).

Wow. Just wow.

We have never been prouder to be Cal Sailors than we are today. We asked for your help and you have blown us away with your support and love for the club. In an incredibly short time you have collectively made amazing progress toward our goals.

Please keep the love coming - as we are facing an uncertain year ahead. Look for daily updates as to our progress on the front page of the website.

Not many organizations could hope for a response like this.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - from the very bottom of our (admittedly) crusty ex comm hearts! This proves for once and for all that this community really is something extraordinary!

Mary (Commodore) and the Cal Sailing Ex Comm Members

CSC Closed Until Further Notice

In compliance with Alameda County's "Shelter in Place" order, all CSC activities, the Clubhouse,  the Club yard, and Club boats on J-Dock are closed until further notice. This is a note from Mary Lucus Flannery, CSC Commodore:

March 16, 2020

To the Cal Sailing Community:

Many of us have been closely watching the coronavirus outbreak as it has unfolded. Ex Comm has had many discussions of how to keep the club open yet keep it a safe place for members who want to continue to use our facilities.

The Bay Area is now under a “Shelter In Place” order which requires that all “non-essential” businesses close through May 31 [updated 5/7] (unless the order is rescinded or extended) and which particularly prohibits recreation that uses shared public equipment (that's us, we share our toys). This is a legal governmental order.

While this is a very sad decision to make, but it is essential that we prioritize safety over any individual’s wish to go sailing or windsurfing. Our larger community asks that we all do the selfless thing and stay home, regardless of our own “healthiness”, in order to minimize the risk to others. 

As of today, March 16th, the club will be closed. All activities and classes will be discontinued until things change. All club equipment is included in the closure and should not be used.

Please be safe and take care of those around you.

Mary Lucus Flannery


Cal Sailing Club

New Instructional Video on Rigging a Quest

Jack Chen produced this, and it covers inspecting, rigging and reefing a Quest, including putting the boat in the water with the hoist. You can also find it in our library of instructional videos at Lessons->Sailing->Videos.


Photos of Berkeley Reef at Ultra Low Tide Show Why to Keep a Safe Distance

Sheldon Coad took these photos with the help of Bobby Arthurs, and the club skiff. They circled the Reef and took photos in several directions. Pretty impressive when you see it, and pretty dangerous when you can't.

Windsurfing Rating Requirements Updated and How to Get to Senior

Click here for a more detailed description of the windsurfing rating requirements. We have also started something to help you get your Senior rating. To see how it works, click here

Want to get a rating/sign-off but don't know who can do it?

Click here to see who can sign off on which ratings/tests/check-outs (e.g., the Day Leader can sign off on Novice Windsurfer written and self-rescue). If you are logged-in to the website, you will be able to see a list of members who have the qualification needed (e.g., a list of those signed-off on the Laser who can then sign-off others). This link is also visible when you look at your White Card on the website.

Sailing Lessons on Demand is Back

Can't make the normal Monday, Thursday, Saturday sailing lessons? Or just want some extra focused time in smaller groups? Then this is for you. A small number of instructors are making themselves available for lessons outside the normal sessions. To see the details and a list of instructors and what they teach, go to Lessons->Sailing->Lessons on DemandYou will have to login to the site to see the contact information for the instructors.