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Sun May 19 9:00 AM to 7:47 PM8:17 PM1.7 @ 3:39 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.6 feet higher than predictions.

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Windsurfing Lessons on Demand

To accommodate the varied schedules of our members and provide additional times for windsurfing instruction, the Club is reviving a previous program which allows members to schedule a windsurfing lesson directly with an instructor at a time outside of the Club’s usual scheduled lessons. There are several experienced members who are willing to teach skills to individuals or groups at a prearranged time. This is a supplemental program to our normal Instruction and not a substitute.

(Note: to see instructor contact information, you must login to the site)

Here’s how it works

There's a list of instructors on the website. For each instructor, there's a bio to help familiarize prospective students with their background. The instructor also indicates the type of skills are willing to teach (First time (novice), water start, jibing, tacking, gear tuning, foiling, freestyle, racing...) and their email address. Prospective students will contact the instructor directly via email to request a lesson. The skill level, lesson contents, and any pre-requisites can all be discussed between instructor and student when arranging the lesson. (It is ok to request a lesson for more than one student). The instructor is also free to decline a lesson request since their participation in this program is on a voluntary basis. Lessons On Demand will not be offered during regularly scheduled Club lesson times, Club races, Fast Track events or Open Houses. Instructors earn volunteer hours for these lessons similar to hours earned during the Club’s normally posted lesson times. A Coordinator, Sofien Sehiri, will maintain the instructor listings on the site and facilitate the program.


If you wish to sign up as an instructor, please email Rear Commodore a listing of the days and times you are available to teach. (This can be changed as needed). Please also send a brief bio outlining your windsurfing experience, indicate what level of student you wish to teach, what, if any, specific skills you’d like to teach and whether you are willing/able to teach,

After each lesson, remember to record your volunteer hours via the online site.


To arrange a Lesson On Demand, look at the instructor bios below where you will find a brief windsurfing bio and info on their availability. You can then directly contact the instructor via email to arrange a lesson. Please understand that instructor availability is subject to change and that the listings do not represent a commitment to teach on the part of the instructor. NOTE: It is possible to arrange a group lesson, (more than one student). Please ask the instructor when arranging the lesson.

Let Us Know How It's Working. Send us an email. We want this to be a benefit for both students and instructors.


Dominic Cabrera

CSC foiling Guru. All you need to know about foiling and how to get good at it. Dominic will go out of his way to help you. Contact Dominic

Prakash Stec 

10 years vet at CSC. Has a great understanding of the wind and how to use it in your advantage. Water start (regular, low wind and clew first). Back winding, helitack, duck tack, planning jibe. Contact Prakash

Meredith Robert

Taught with ABK for years. Aspiring freestyler, can teach you anything from beginner to advanced including freestyle and racing. Very knowledgeable of windsurfing gear and tuning. Contact Meredith

Gene Golfus aka GG

IMG 1361

68 years young hot rod. Good energy, good motivator. Novice to intermediate lessons. Beach start, water start and harness. Contact Gene

Trumpton Macfarlane

Over 20 years of experience. Sailed everywhere in the world. Novice to advanced lessons “Any time it’s wind” he said. Contact Trumpton

Oliver Wüseke

Teaching Novices and Juniors. Fast tack. Rigging and gear tuning. Board repair. Contact Oliver

Julian Traisnel

Novice lessons. More, as himself learns new skills. Contact Julian

Tom G

Tom is a seasoned windsurfer many years of experience in various wind conditions can help you with anything from Novice to Advanced. Contact Tom

Onur Filiz

Solid freestyler, lots of time on the water and experience to share. Interested in teaching juniors, junior+ and senior skills as well as freestyle. Contact Onur

Michael Evens

Coming to the windsurfing scene after 10 years of busy life and raising kids. Mike is a solid windsurfer, can help you with anything from novice to senior. Contact Michael

Elena Ufimtseva

Elena is an aspiring freestyler. Can handle any wind conditions, her love for the sport is limitless she would drive 10 hours just to score a session. She will push your limits and get you fired up. If the conditions are good you better have your lesson on the water coz she’s ain’t gonna waste precious wind… ever. Contact Elena

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