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Blogs on Sailing Skills and Theory

Over the past several years, club members have contributed blogs to the CSC on different aspects of sailing theory or technique.  These blogs are an incredible resource for those learning to sail and also for experienced sailors. These blogs are discussions about particular subjects, and they assume some sailing knowledge (refer to CSC Dinghy Sailing Manual).

These are the blogs. You can contribute by writing one on a subject of interest.

General Interest

Clothing for Sailing

What to wear when you're sailing hard, along with some fashion tips. Read Blog

Getting Ready for a Keelboat Launch

A check list of getting a keelboat, yourself, and your crew and guests ready for a safe sail on a club keelboat. Read Blog

Stepping Off a Dinghy with Style

Going forward quickly and stepping off onto the dock. Essential for single-handing. Read Blog

Using the Hoist

Basic and advanced, including putting the boat in and takinig it out single-handed. Read Blog

Using your Radio

How your radio can help you in routine sailing (not an emergency). Read Blog.

Sailing Skills

Gybeing and Downwind Sailing

How to sail in the downwind "zone of death" and not capsize. Read Blog.

The hows and whys of controlled gybes. Read Blog.

Finess your gybe by separating it from the turn.

A nice teaching/learning technique to nail your gybes. Read Blog

Capsize Recovery

Some practical advice on getting the boat upright the first time in the wind and the waves. Read Blog

Dry Capsize on a Quest

It's more difficult than a Bahia because of the hull shape, but you can do it. Read Blog

Crew Overboard

Some different ways to do COB with advantages and disadvantages of each. Read Blog

Slow Sailing Theory and Practice

Including how to recover when your course is off. Read Blog

Learning and Teaching Small Circles

Step-by-step approach to learning and teaching the most difficult Junior skill. Read Blog

Update to the post on the gybe part of the maneuver. Read Blog

Basic upwind sailing and how to teach it

How to trim sails for upwind sailing, with diagrams.Read Blog

The Two-Handed Drill for dealing with Puffs and Lulls

Frank Bethwaite's technique that works well in teaching basic students. Read Blog.

Launching Dinghies on a Crowded Dock

Lessons from a "Between the Docks" workshop. Read Blog.

Can You Slow Sail?

How to use this technique effectively in dinghy docking, MOB, and keelboat docking. Read Blog.

A Useful Knot including Single Handed Dinghy Departures

The Highwayman's Hitch and how to use it departing from the dock. Read Blog.

A Rudderless Technique Demonstration

"Boat on a Rope" shows how boat lean causes a boat to turn. Read Blog.

On the Trapeze

How to Skipper with Crew on the Trap

Your skills as a  skipper have a large effect on your trapezing crew's comfort level and safety. See how to make your crew happy. Read Blog

Single-Handing on the Trap

A real test of your sailing skills (and fashion sense). Read Blog

High Wind Sailing

Using your Weight in High Winds

The forces on the boat, why and how to best use your weight in high winds. Some practical techniques to depower the wind's heeling force. Read Blog

Single Handing in High Winds

More tips to overcover your weight deficit when you're by yourself. Read Blog

Sailing in 30 Knots

What to do when you've bitten off more than you can chew, wind-wise. Handout from an Advanced Dinghy class. Read Blog

Advanced Skills

Flying the Gennaker

Everything you need to know to setup, hoist, douse, and sail with a gennaker on our dinghies. Note that use of gennakers is restricted to Senior Sailors. Read Blog

Rudderless Sailing

You've read the theory, but how do you actually do it? Practical advice on key maneuvers rudderless. Read Blog

Sailing by Feel

Sailing blindfolded? Way! Learn to use your other senses in handling the boat. It will pay off even when you can see everything. Read Blog

Low Tide Docking

How to dock in low tide, when the usual approach doesn't work. Read Blog

And a small but important point. Read Blog

And some pointers when the tide is low but not extremely low. Read Blog

Launching and Docking in East Winds

Common in the winter, so how do you do it? Read Blog.

Keelboat Skills

Keelboat Dockiing

A multi-part discussion of this critical Senior skill.

Part 1 - Planning and Preparation. Read Blog 

Part 2 - Space  is Time. Read Blog 

Part 3 - Planning a Bail-Out Read Blog

The Quick Stop COB Maneuver

How to do this maneuver, developed by the US Naval Academy a few decades ago Read Blog

Sailing Theory

Apparent Wind

A three-part discussion of apparent wind, a difficult but important concept.

Read Part 1

Read Part 2

Read Part 3

Mainsail Tell-Tales

Most sailors know how to use the jib tell-tales, what what about the main tell-tales? Read Blog


A nuanced discussion of why you shouldn't rely on your anchor and how to avoid having to use it. Read Blog.


How to reef a main sail

VHow to do it properly to get better boat control and not damage the sail. By Saul Schumsky and Jack Chen. Watch Video.

The "Mystery Ring" on an RS Venture

If you don't know about this ring and don't check it every time you go out, you could be in big trouble. Read Blog.

Bahia Reefing Line

How to rig a Bahia reefing line properly. it's actually quite simple. Read Blog

Fitness for Sailing

Chin Ups

A powerful exercise that can pay off in dinghy sailing. Read Blog.