Cruise Sign-Up

Cruise sign-up is now on the current website. It has been moved from the legacy site, and sign-up procedures have changed slightly. 

The signup system works pretty much exactly as it used to. You get a random lottery number for the cruise when you signup, which determines whether you get on an over-subscribed cruise. Just as on the old site, your lottery number doesn't depend on how early you sign up, so it's fair to everyone.

There are some changes:

1. You need to login to the CSC website with your CSC userid and password. If you want to do cruises, make sure you know them. If you've forgotten either or both, contact the Webmaster.
2. You can only sign up for a cruise if you have an active membership. This means you have to go to keep your membership status up to date. Cruises are a wonderful benefit for club members. 
3. You have to provide your emergency contact information when you sign up (you can always edit it before the cruise). This gives the club a list with emergency contacts ahead of the cruise, and it eliminates the last-minute paperwork at the dock. 
4. The user interface is slightly different (and we hope better).

Details on the sign-up procedure are here. Additional info for cruise skippers is here.