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Wed May 29 Late Open2:18 PM to 7:55 PM8:25 PM-0.6 @ 11:13 AM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

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Fleet - Sailing

CSC's fleet includes 28 dinghies, 6 keelboats, dozens of sail boards, a couple kayaks, and two powerboats.


RS Venture

RS Venture

The Venture is a roomy trainer which is faster than it looks. These larger dinghies are workhorses during our lessons and open houses. Each boat is rigged for single trapeze and asymmetrical spinnaker. CSC has four of these boats.



RS Quest


We currently have eight Quests in the fleet. Designed by Jo Richards, Quests were designed to be the best small training boat available for beginners, and have trapezes and asymmetrical spinnakers for more advanced sailors.


RS Toura


The latest addition to our dinghy fleet, it's essentially a stretched Quest. Also designed by Jo Richards, it will allow us to tke more students out at a time. We have two of them, and we will be testing them and deciding the right mix of Quests and Touras for basic dinghy training.




The Laser is perhaps the best known one-person cat-rigged racing dinghy. While no longer an Olympic class boat there is a substantial fleet raced out of the Richmond marina. These boats are fairly complicated to rig and require special instruction before they can be checked out. CSC has two Lasers.



The JY15 is a nimble dinghy that is ideal for two sailors. CSC has 8 of these boats, rigged with trapeze gear, reefing mainsails, and masthead floats.There is a written test available on our website to get the signoff to sail these boats.




 The UFO is a lightweight single person foiling catamaran. It is a stable (but fragile) platform to learn the basics of foiling. The body mechanics are similar to the Laser so we expect sailors to be competent on the laser before moving on to the UFO. It is a complicated boat to rig, so it requires a special signoff.   



The RS500 is a high performance two-person skiff, equipped with asymmetrical spinnaker and a trapeze (one of our RS500s has a double-trapeze). CSC has two of these beauties, and each comes with two choices of sail size. These boats require a special checkout and a Senior rating.




RS800 Downwind 02

The RS 800 is a double-handed, light-weight, high-performance skiff with adjustable side rakes, a carbon rig and huge sail area. It is a modern dinghy skiff, considered a trainer by most and a little sister to the 49er and i14. The club is fortunate to have one of these graciously donated by local skiff sailor John Clark.



Boat Comparison - High Level

Boat Weight* - kg Sail Area (Main+Jib) - m² Sail Area (Main_Jib+Gennaker) - m²
Laser** 59 7.06  
JY15** 125 12.6 31.5
Quest 133 11.0 22.0
Venture 198 14.8 28.8
RS500 big sails 87 13.1 27.1
RS500 small sails 87 10.5 24.5
RS800 62 16.5 37.5

* Hull only, excludes mast, sail, and crew

** Laser has only a mainsail

*** Our JYs do not currently carry gennakers




"Meritorious", " Dr. Who"


Merit 25

Cal Sailing Club now has two of these! They have a PHRF rating of 168, and are well suited to the SF Bay.

The large, self bailing cockpit offers two lockers and backrests on the cockpit seats. The boat is equipped with two-speed primary winches and additional single-speed winches located on the cabin top. And, of course, full spinnaker gear.

  • LOA 24.4’
  • LWL 20.5’
  • Beam 8.0’
  • S.A. (Sq. Ft.) 286
  • Displacement 2900
  • Ballast (lbs) 1050
  • Draft 4’


"Uncle Donald"," Daisy", "Sea Horse"


Pearson Commander

The club's three Commanders are the work horses of our fleet. A design by the famous naval architect, Carl Alberg. Not intended as a cruiser or a racer, the Commander makes an excellent day sailor with its 9 foot cockpit and seakindly ways. The small cabin has sitting head room, berths for four, and is large enough for cruising if the parties are well acquainted.

Built: 1965 to 1967; 25.6 ft LOA, Displacement 5100 lbs, Draft 3.7 ft, Sail Area 310 sq. ft., Ballast 2,500 lbs, PHRF 261, Hull Speed 5.8 knots


 The J/80 is a high-performance, fully-planing keelboat with an asymmetric spinnaker. It is an advanced boat that requires a special sign-off, but offers a new challenge for senior skippers to improve upon their skills. PHRF rating 116.

  • LOA 26.25'
  • LWL 22.0'
  • Beam 8.25'
  • S.A (Sq. Ft.) 338
  • Displacement 2900
  • Ballast 1400
  • Draft 4.9'

A fixed one-design sportsboat built by J/Boats.