Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Apr 22 Noon to 7:23 PM7:53 PM1.5 @ 5:41 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.6 feet higher than predictions.

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Rating for Windsurf

Windsurfer Rating System


The Novice Windsurfer Rating allows members to sail the beginner windsurf boards in a small practice area. Novice Windsurfers can practice any time the Club is open without waiting for an instructor (provided the dayleader is allowing Novices to sail). The Novice Windsurfer rating is obtained by passing a short, open-book written test covering safety, basic windsurfing concepts, and CSC rules and procedures (all covered in the CSC handbooks) and a self-rescue (paddling) test. There is no work requirement at this level.

The Junior Windsurfer Rating allows members to sail the beginner and intermediate windsurf boards in the daysailing area between Berkeley and Emeryville. The Jr. Windsurfer rating is obtained by passing a closed-book written test on basic skills and club rules and a sailing test demonstrating safe sailing in the waves and proper board handling at the dock. Members must also contribute a minimum of four hours of work before the sailing test can be given.

More advanced ratings are earned by members who demonstrate a high level of windsurfing skill and a commitment to the club's programs (teaching, maintenance, public service). The J+ Windsurfer rating allows members to use the J+ boards, which are smaller and faster than the J boards, and requires a rigging test, additional work, and demonstration of water starting ability. The Senior Windsurfer Rating represents extremely high levels of skill and commitment, and allows members to use any of the CSC-owned sails and boards in a sailing area that extends out into the Bay along the Berkeley Pier. Click here to see how you can get to the Senior level.

Specific requirements at each level:

Novice (Written test online, others given by any Windsurf Junior, J+, or Senior)

  • paddle test
  • written test
  • carrying a sail and board
  • board handling at the dock (where to set boards, not stepping on boards, care in and out of water)

Junior (Written test online, basic rigging given by Windsurf J+ or Senior, sailing test given by Windsurf Senior)

  • Sailing (on a 160L board without a centerboard and a sail ~1m2 too big for conditions, sail into ways in 10-16 knots, tack up to the restaurant, gybe back down, and return to the dock. Tacks/gybes do not need to be consistently successful, but the ability to uphaul in the waves, get upwind, and come back down to the dock is required).
  • proper handling of board launching and returning to dock (stopping 10 feet from the dock, dropping the sail in the water, and paddling to dock).
  • written test
  • basic rigging (choosing and putting on a boom, assembling and carrying gear)
  • 2 hours extra volunteer work

J+ (Written test online, others tests given by Windsurf Senior)

  • waterstart consistently both sides
  • controlled planing upwind both sides in harness, with footstraps
  • proper handling of board and sail launching and returning to dock (stopping 10 feet from the dock, dropping the sail in the water, and paddling to dock); note, this is explicitly tested and signed off at ALL levels
  • sail rigging (from the bag: choosing a mast, doing downhaul correctly)
  • Attend board repair clinic, fix (with assistance is okay) one board with fiberglass damage
  • written test
  • -2 hours extra volunteer work

Senior (ratings committee can administer with support from mentors; ExComm approves project)  For a full breakdown of the process of becoming a senior, please click HERE.

  • nomination and endorsement by two active seniors in the CSC who serve as mentors for the senior process
  • overall ongoing impression of saftey-consciousness and the experience to act with good judgment.
  • overall ongoing impression of sailing: planing in the footstraps, basic ability to turn around (plane-in gybe or fast tack), easily waterstarts, safe in 22+ knots, chooses appropriate gear for conditions
  • overall ongoing impression of involvement in club
  • overall ongoing impression of respect for gear and for club rules and other club members (both on and off the water)
  • approved senior project (minimum 10 hours, should contribute something substantial to the club)
  • lead teaching of one Novice Lesson
  • teach a waterstart clinic if your project is repair based, or a board/sail repair clinic if your project is water-skills based
  • have sail rigging skills signed off (understanding of tuning for body size and wind conditions) and rig 5 sails; derig, roll and properly store a sail.
  • proper handling of board and sail launching and returning to dock (stopping 10 feet from the dock, dropping the sail in the water, and paddling to dock); note, this is explicitly tested and signed off at ALL levels
  • repair 2 junior or J+ boards with fiberglass damage; at least one must be a significant nose repair
  • written test
  • on-water sailing test including rigging and tuning a sail from the bag, getting upwind, sailing overpowered, dealing with a breakdown in the swell, and derigging and storing the gear afterwards

F (any foiler can administer) allows use of Foil

  • J+ or Sr rating
  • Pass written test
  • Proper handling of board and sail; launching and returning to the dock
  • 2 hours volunteer service

Continuing Seniors

  • 10 hours volunteer work per quarter
  • teach or assist in teaching at least one Novice lesson per season, or teach at least one other clinic per season (this can be within a fasttrack, part of a series, or a freestanding clinic).
  • mentor new senior candidates – provide written endorsement at the beginning of their senior process and support them throughout on improving sailing, teaching, board repair etc. as needed.  Provide feedback to the ratings chair on their skills and involvement in the CSC.

Click here to see who can sign off on tests and ratings.