Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Tue Jul 16 Noon to 8:01 PM8:31 PM3.1 @ 1:45 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

Day Leader's WhiteBoard


Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.

Sailing Areas

Sailing/Windsurf Areas

These are the sailing and windsurf areas for each of the ratings: Novice, Junior, Senior, and Cruise. These are taken directly from the CSC Operating Rules.

Novice Sailing/Windsurfing Area



Junior Sailing/Windsurfing Area


Within sight of clubhouse, 100 yards from any downwind shore except to dock, north of Ashby
Ave, and east of a line from the Emeryville Peninsula to Hs Lordships restaurant.

Senior Dinghy/Windsurfing Area



If the X buoy is not in service, the X buoy location is assumed to be the GPS coordinates 37°52.0' N 122°19.08' W. Ranges can be used to get a good approximation to this location: the intersection of the following ranges: 1. from the north end of Caesar Chavez Park to the north end of Angel Island and 2. from the east end of Brooks Island to the visible west end of Treasure Island. Note that the X buoy location is on the range through the #3 channel mark near the Berkeley Pier to the east end of the Bay Bridge. These ranges are shown here:

X Buoy

Senior Keelboat Area


Cruising Dinghy Area


Cruising Keelboat Area

The inland and tributary waters of the San Francisco Bay and outside of the Golden Gate
no further west than a straight line drawn from Point Bonita Light through Mile Rocks
Light to the San Francisco shore.