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DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Sat Jun 22 Late Open10:29 AM to 8:06 PM8:36 PM-1.4 @ 7:04 AM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.3 feet higher than predictions.

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May 23, 2021 GMM minutes

Start Time  6:08 pm

End Time 6:38 pm


Location: Virtual








Commodore (co)

Mary Lucus-Flannery



Commodore (co)

Nicho Waton



Vice Commodore (co)

Christina Polito-Halter



Vice Commodore (co)

Min Lee



Vice Commodore (co)

Tone Toe



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Memo Gunay



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Sofien Sehiri



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Adam Rinder



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Third Vice Commodore

Andy Hacket



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Eric Lee



Port Captain (co)

Heather Breaux



Port Captain (co)

Adelaide Cahill




Peter Kuhn



Secretary (co)

Carolyn Brown



Secretary (co)

Birk Huber



Officer’s Reports

Commodore (NW)

Mary is stepping down. We owe her a lot for all she did before and during the pandemic. Hopefully we will still see her around the club.

The re-open committee has done an incredible amount of work, led by Mark Elwood who has been a force helping us organize and make sense of all the updates from State Country and City. On June 15, hopefully back to almost normal by then. Thanks to the re-open committee

Vice Commodore (CPH)

We are still not encouraging social gatherings, but are waiting to see what June 15 rules will be. Watch for announcements as we get closer. The calendar being updated please check and update any events you manage.


First Vice Commodore (MG)

The dinghy fleet is in good shape. 

Jacqui is doing repair clinics: contact her if you want to learn how to repair dinghies.

We have ordered new rudders for quests.

Second Vice Commodore (AR

Sophien took a group to Sherman Island. They had a great time, and it was a good community builder.

We have two new senior rated windsurfers, Adam Rinder and Weisa (Kolbein) Wang

Thanks to folks helping with the lessons and teaching. 

Youth lessons started on April 10 (they repeat every two weeks). 

We have a lot of sails and some boards that are surplus  and are considering having a yard sale where we would invite members to adopt a sail and make a donation to the club. We plan to try this in June (watch for posts) and see how it goes.


Third Vice Commodore:

Meritorious standing rigging being completed with new spreaders; new running rigging to follow soon

Portugal Princess renamed to Sea Horse

Keelboat lessons are in full swing again

Big thanks to Sheldon and Greg for all the ongoing work

Winch clinic is being planned

Rear Commodore 

JB (dinghy instruction):

Our Winter Zoom Series finished with a bang, with Kim Nguyen's talk on how a tall ship works based on his experiences on the Lady Washington. Thanks to all who presented and participated in these sessions.

Fast Track started the first week of May in a limited way, with one student and one instructor per boat and no party afterwards. We will continue to offer these, a total of 5 or maybe even 6 this season, and expand them when we are able.

Advanced Dinghy started May 10 and will be held every Monday evening except for Fast Track weeks and holidays. It is running pretty much normally, with 1 or 2 students per boat, depending on the requirements of the session. We've got a great program lined up. Thanks to all who have volunteered to teach this.

We've done a number of special workshops and plan to do more during the season. Watch the Announcements list for details.

We want to get back to normal lessons as soon as we can. This means no lesson signups, just show up during the lesson  period. On Saturdays, a coordinator will manage the flow, and on weekdays it will be self-organizing. The gate is when the CA Berkeley LHJ rules allow us to have more than two people in a dinghy, and when we can have members hanging around the club waiting for lessons.cThanks again to everyone who helped keep us running the last year or so –coordinators, helpers, and especially instructors.

 As we get into the season and restrictions relax even further, we will have a continued need for instructors on Saturdays and especially on weekdays. It's a great way to give back to the Club, help other members on their development, and especially improve your own sailing skills.

We've set up a Slack channel for instructors to share experiences, problems, and solutions. Contact JB if you want to join it.


EL (windsurf instruction): 

We are working toward more clinics and workshops for advanced windsurfers. 13 held so far.

Youth lessons are going again.

We are hoping to use trips to Sherman Island as a way to build community. Want to eventually try to get windsurfers for sailing together.

Randy Shapiro is coordinating two different groups of people to attend a clinic in July. 

We would like more advanced novice clinics to help get new windsurfers ready for their Junior.

Port captains (absent).

Secretaries (BH,CB) 

no updates.




Update on Marina side (NW on behalf of Camille)

We have a Slack channel for Marina Planning issues.  Please check it out and join if interested. 

We made a presentation at the PWC meeting 5/12 concerning trash in the Marina.  Pls see Slack channel for the presentation.  Result: PWC Chair Gordon Wozniak is sending a resolution to the City to get the marina and parks off the hook financially for trash pick-up.

WETA put up a survey on COB website.  See my announcement on CSC listserve and Slack channel for details.  Pls participate in the survey to have your voice heard.

We also spoke at a Berkeley City Council meeting to support a proposed review to keep the transiency occupancy tax proceeds more fully in the Marina Fund without being sent to the General Fund for the City.  This action is still pending for the City Council to take action.

We have been in communication with windsurfers who launch off spot next to His Lordships and trying to get synergy on improving that space. 

We are discussing dredging in SSB and also want to consider moving the club over just inside of His Lordships. 

A "community" planning meeting is coming up July 20th on Marina Planning. We need to prepare for that.

I am posting as much as I can on the Slack channel, but have lately been in the conversation with myself.  Please join the channel so we can coordinate efforts. 

I have a meeting on Monday with Ali Endress at PRW.  Let me know anything additional you want me to say to her.

CSC member Michael Elie will also help us coordinate responses to the city.

Comments/Questions from members:

We have new wetsuits and new foulies which are appreciated although they make us look less crusty. (NW): a general update on soft gear has been accomplished.


Will we get the kitchen back?  (NW): not sure when we will get it back but hopefully it is something we will have again soon.