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Sun May 19 9:00 AM to 7:47 PM8:17 PM1.7 @ 3:39 PM

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GMM Meeting Minutes, Feb 12

Start Time  3:10

End Time  3:30


Location: CSC Club House







Commodore (co)

Nicho Waton



Commodore (co) 

Mariya Ryazantseva



Vice Commodore (co)

Christina Polito-Halter



Vice Commodore (co)

Min Lee



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Memo Gunay



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Sofien Sehiri



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Adam Rinder



Third Vice Commodore (co)

Ryan Alder



Third Vice Commodore (co)

Jack Chen



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Randi Shapiro



Rear Commodore (co)

David Gadarian



Port Captain

George Posner




Peter Kuhn




Birk Huber




Camile Antinory





Thanks to all …. 

We received a DBW grant that will cover a new Toura, beginner windsurf boards and outboards for our keelboats. Thanks to Sarah Herblin who pushed the application through.


Our Port Captain Heather Breaux has stepped down and George Posner has stepped up as port captain. Thanks to Heather for her work seeing us through the last two and a half years, and to George for stepping up.


The membership renewal process and signup now has a new code of conduct statement to go through in support of healthy club culture and harassment-free workplace.  See PC report below. 

Vice Commodores:


Open House dates have been posted on the website. First Open House is on April 22nd, Saturday to coincide with Bay Festival, rest will be Sundays. For new members and those unfamiliar with Open House, it's where we give free boat rides to introduce the public to sailing. It's our biggest event and requires a lot of volunteers. It's also a great way to get volunteer hours and we'll feed you. In an effort to be more organized, we will be using online sign ups for volunteers so look out for that. You can still show up the day of and we'll find a role for you.

1st Vice:

Our fleet is in good shape, but the new season is coming. Please organize and attend dinghy repair clinics. As the commodore mentioned we have another Toura coming.  One boat needs to be cut up and hauled to dump. 

2nd Vice:

We have not had much activity since november but are getting ready for the new season with new stuff. We will also be starting up a racing process.

3rd Vice: 

The fleet is in good condition. Uncle Donald just had its mast restepped yesterday with new standing rigging.  We're going to be holding a couple clinics when rainy season ends. One winch clinic before the season starts. And a cleaning clinic to clean out and dry out the inside of all the keelboats after all the rain, with free pizza for encouragement, so keep an eye out for email announcements if you're looking for volunteer hours or to find a way on to J dock to get involved on the keelboats.


Rear commodore:

Rear Commodore for Windsurfing: 


With one season in the role under our belts, David Gadarian and I have spent the off season cooking up some big plans for the upcoming year, informed by our experience, instructor feedback, and the results from the fantastic survey Andreas ran last season.


Our goals for this season are threefold:

  1. Extend instructor capacity (Novice AND Intermediate level instructor training)
  2. Increased focus on skill progression in curriculum
  3. Include on-the-water ratings tests in the lesson curriculum

Instructor Capacity

Our focus on building out instructor capacity will continue—we'll run one WIPA Level-1 certification, and uncertified, shorter Train the Trainer classes early on in the season to cover Novice and intermediate-level instruction.


Skill Progression

We will be experimenting with a three-lesson Novice series this season—windsurfing has a steep initial learning curve, and we're responding to both instructor and student feedback on breaking up our fundamental lessons into more digestible chunks.


Scheduled intermediate level classes instead of volunteer-initiated intermediate classes—this will only work if volunteers step up to teach them!


Ratings Tests

We will experiment with offering regular drop-in testing sessions with Seniors to make it easier for Novice, Junior, and J+ windsurfers to earn their next rating.


We're excited for the new season—we can't do it without your help!


Rear Commodore for Sailing: 

The rain and the tide cycle have hit us hard the past few months, so our dinghy teaching activity is well below normal, 30% below pre-COVID for the period October 1 through now. That is, the number of instruction days is 30% lower. It is encouraging that the average number of students per instruction day is about the same as pre-COVID on Saturdays and somewhat higher during the week, meaning student demand is there and we are generally satisfying it.


We continue to be over-subscribed on keelboat lessons. There are several members who are well on their way to a Senior keelboat rating, so this should improve in a few months. In the interim, we've implemented a better lesson signup system modeled on the cruise signup to give a fair allocation of the lesson slots available.


Senior Study group starts in another week. Actually, we have already had several practical sessions on motoring, and we will have more. There are about 20 students enrolled in the group. We have held 4 dinghy instructor workshops so far this winter, and we will continue to offer them every few weeks through April. We are also planning a 2-day workshop for a weekend in March.


We will have other workshops in the next couple of months. One will be on the trapeze thanks to Robert Spark. Another will be on high-performance dinghies, the RS500 and RS800, led by James Clarkson.


Fast Track planning is well under way, with an overall Fast Track Coordinator (Mike Jones) and a number of session coordinators already in place. We will have a new signup system this year that will allow signups for any session, so you can plan vacation around a specific session. We will start Advanced Dinghy planning as soon as we have a coordinator. These start in May and will be every Monday evening through the end of August, except for Fast Track weeks and holidays.


As always, I will conclude by thanking all of the instructors who have kept our sailing program going at a very high level.


Port Captains 

We have hired some more dayleaders and are now fully covered.  We have also been working on revamping the training for volunteer dayleaders.


If you are interested in being a volunteer dayleader please sign up here and we will get back to you about any training you still need. A sheet with the QR code will also be posted in the clubhouse to direct people to this link and the link is available from the website as well.


Commodore (Nicho) noted that in general we have been working on improving the atmosphere for dayleaders - work harder to get them acclimated to club culture and emphasize to members to support dayleaders and realize that excom will support DL decisions for any given day/person. 



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