Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Jun 17 Noon to 8:05 PM8:35 PM2.5 @ 2:37 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

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Excom Meeting Minutes: July 26 - Nov. 20, 2023



Closed: Aug 5 at 6:27 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to approve senior project for Erik Latrope - Senior Study Group Coordinator for 2024

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (10)

@Peter@Christina@Marco Falcioni@Mariya - she/her@Sofi@Nicho@Ryan A@Memo@Birk@James Clarkson



Closed: Aug 31 at 7:00 AM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Award Robert Ofsevit a lifetime membership for his contributions to the club over the last 3 decades

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Mariya - she/her@Camille@Christina@Birk@Peter@Sofi@John Bongiovanni@Ryan A@min@James Clarkson@Marco Falcioni@Memo@Nicho



Closed: Sep 16 at 8:07 AM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to Approve Christine Page windsurfing senior project. It consists of organized Sherman Island trips and Water Starts clinics.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Isha Mishra@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Marco Falcioni@Sofi@Camille@John Bongiovanni@min@Birk@James Clarkson@Nicho@Peter@Ryan A@Randi



Closed: Sep 20 at 10:52 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Approve Gaurav Saple for Dinghy/Keelboat Senior

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (14)

@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Isha Mishra@Mariya - she/her@Sofi@Peter@Camille@Marco Falcioni@min@Memo@Birk@John Bongiovanni@Nicho@James Clarkson@Ryan A


Closed: Sep 23 at 8:10 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to approve Sarah Herbelin's Senior Keelboat Rating

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (11)

@Isha Mishra@Marco Falcioni@James Clarkson@Peter@Camille@Ryan A@Birk@Mariya - she/her@Nicho@Sofi@Kei Fung Dennis Tai


Closed: Sep 28 at 7:02 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to Approve Fabian Valli windsurfing senior project. Fabian will be replacing all the pulleys and hooks on all the windsurfing sail hangers.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (14)

@Ted DeBonis@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Birk@Audrey@Camille@Peter@Sofi@Nicho@Mariya - she/her@Isha Mishra@Marco Falcioni@Memo@John Bongiovanni@Ryan A


Closed: Oct 6 at 6:00 AM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

modify A.3 of our operating rules from "The procedure for filing sexual harassment complaints is by contacting the Conduct Chair at CSC will investigate fully any complaint received and will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who complains about sexual harassment." to "The procedure for filing sexual harassment complaints is either by contacting the Conduct Chair at or by filling out the incident report form. CSC will investigate fully any complaint received and will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who complains about sexual harassment."

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (11)

@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Sofi@Ted DeBonis@Mariya - she/her@John Bongiovanni@Peter@Birk@Ryan A@James Clarkson@Marco Falcioni@Nicho


Closed: Oct 10 at 7:00 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to approve Allen Wright senior project to complete 2023 DBW grant

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@min@Isha Mishra@James Clarkson@Marco Falcioni@John Bongiovanni@Peter@Birk@Nicho@Mariya - she/her@Memo@Sofi@Ryan A



Closed: Oct 16 at 12:27 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to approve Christine Page as Senior Windsurfer. Christine Page successfully completed all the requirements for a senior windsurfer rating.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Sofi@min@Mariya - she/her@James Clarkson@Birk@Randi@Camille@Ryan A@Memo@Nicho@Peter@Ted DeBonis



@Peter has a question for members of  motions

 Closed: Nov 23 at 12:05 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Submit grant app to Division of Boating and Waterways for $40,585 to reimburse CSC for purchase of equipment, windsurf instructor training, and dayleader wages for Introductory Sails

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (11)

@Sofi@Isha Mishra@John Bongiovanni@Marco Falcioni@Birk@Mariya - she/her@Memo@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Ryan A@Nicho@Peter



 has a question for members of  motions

 Closed: Nov 4 at 5:13 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to Approve Burhan Altunel windsurfing senior project. Burhan will be replacing the three awnings of the sails hangers and add Two more one on the east one on the west side of the hangers to fully protect our rigged sails from UV.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Isha Mishra@John Bongiovanni@Ted DeBonis@Randi@Sofi@Mariya - she/her@Marco Falcioni@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Ryan A@Birk@Peter@Nicho@Memo



 has a question for members of  motions

 Closes: Nov 28 at 9:01 AM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Move to approve a $25,000 increase to the Dayleaders budget, to allow it to cover more hours at higher wages. Authorize spending up to $103,000 this fiscal year (5/1/23 - 4/30/23) on dayleader expenses including wages and taxes.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (13)

@Mariya - she/her@Isha Mishra@Ted DeBonis@Birk@min@Randi@James Clarkson@John Bongiovanni@Marco Falcioni@Sofi@Memo@Peter@Nicho



@Sofi has a question for members of  motions

 Closed: Nov 10 at 5:16 PM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to Nicholas Waton windsurfing senior project. Nicho will be replacing the malfunctioning weather station with and upgraded hardware and coordinate the software logistics to display the data on CSC website.

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (10)

@Memo@Ryan A@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Sofi@Isha Mishra@Mariya - she/her@Marco Falcioni@Birk@Peter@John Bongiovanni



 has a question for members of  motions

Closed: Nov 20 at 9:13 AM |  Responses: Non-Anonymous

Motion to award a lifetime membership to Christina for over four years of service as Vice Commodore including restarting Open House post pandemic and organizing countless Girl Scount events. YAY :) NAY :(

██████████████████████████████  |  100% (12)

@Ryan A@Marco Falcioni@James Clarkson@Birk@Isha Mishra@Randi@Sofi@John Bongiovanni@Peter@Kei Fung Dennis Tai@Memo@Nicho