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DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Tue Nov 28 Noon to 3:48 PMEarly Close4:52 PM-1.2 @ 6:42 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.6 feet higher than predictions.

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Advanced Dinghy Lessons Starting May 9, 2022

We will be offering Advanced Dinghy lessons every Monday beginning May 9, except for Fast Track weeks and weeks with holidays.

These are workshops on advanced dinghy skills, including skills you'll need to pass a Senior Dinghy practical test. Topics include sail trim, live crew overboard, surviving and getting back in 30 knots, rudderless sailing, and more. The sessions are open to Junior skippers only. Announcements will go out a few days ahead of time with the topic and instructor. There is no need to sign up, just show up and get a boat ready. There will be 2 students per boat. If you are not comfortable sailing with someone else in a dinghy, you should not attend.

The sessions will run from about 5pm to dock time, a half hour before sunset. The quicker we can get boats in the water, the sooner we can start. Sessions will start with a land talk and a demo near the dock. The land talk and demo are open to all members, but only Junior skippers can participate in the on-the-water part. This is the schedule:

May 9 Intro, and small circles with John

May 16 Single-handed docking with Elyakim  

June 6 Sail trim with Elaykim

June 20 Rudderless sailing with Andy

June 27 Live crew overboard with Camille

July 11 Slow Sailing with Mariya

July 25 Surviving 30kts with Mike

August 1 Jib-only with Birk

August 8 Rudderless sailing with Ryan

August 22 Blindfolded sailing with Andy

August 29 TBD

John Bongiovanni will  kick off  the series on May 9 with a discussion of the Senior Rating – what it means, requirements, and the different paths available. This will be followed by a workshop on small circles, an important skill that is essential for maneuvering in tight quarters.

No sign-up necessary. Show up at 5pm or earlier, pair up,  get boats in the water and be ready to sail.