Information for Members – Entering and Using Work Hours

Entering Work Hours

To enter volunteer hours, login to your account on the CSC Website ( You can do this from anywhere.

  1. Navigate to Memberships->Enter Work Hours
  2. Fill out the Input Work Hours form:
    1. Work Date (click on the calendar for easy date selection)
    2. Work Hours
    3. Work Item
    4. Optional For Approval By. If you think a specific person or group should approve your hours, enter that here. There is a drop-down menu to easily select Day Leader or Excom.
    5. Click the Submit button.

That's it. The Day Leader will periodically scan the site for unapproved hours. Or you can ask a Day Leader or Excomm member to approve your hours.

Until your hours are approved, you can edit what you entered or delete it completely by logging in to the CSC Website and navigating to this same page (Memberships->Enter Work Hours). It will show you the last 20 entries, latest first, along with the approval status and whether you have used these hours for membership renewal. For unapproved hours, you will see an Edit and a Delete button.

Using Work Hours for Membership

To renew your quarterly membership using workhours, you must have at least 12 approved, unused hours (the usual 2 plus an additional 10). If you are a Senior or above, you need at least 20 approved, unused hours (the usual 10 plus an additional 10). Annual membership is also available at a discount with volunteer hours. You need 38 hours for an annual membership (70 hours if you are a Senior above). This represents 10 hours for 3 quarters (discount of 1 quarter) plus 4 quarters of the usual requiement for membership.

To use hours for membership, login to the CSC Website ( You can do this from anywhere.

  1. Navigate to memberships->Enter Work Hours
  2. If you have enough hours for a membership, you will see a Use Hours button just below your membership summary. Click on it.
  3. Depending on the amount of unused, approved hours you have, you will see a button for Submit Quarterly and a button for Submit Annual. Click on the one you want.


That's it. This will generate an email to the Club Treasurer, who will process the renewal. Your hours will be deducted from your bank of hours automatically – 10 hours immediately and either 2 or 10  additional hours when your renewal is processed, depending on your rating. For an annual membership, 30 hours will be deducted immediately and either 8 or 40 additional hours when your membership is processed


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