Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Tue Jul 16 Noon to 8:01 PM8:31 PM3.1 @ 1:45 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.1 feet higher than predictions.

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Rating Committee Members

The CSC Rating Committe is the group of members who are alllowed to give new sailing and windsurfing ratings for Senior and Cruising rating levels.

Members looking to attain their senior who are actively involved in the club will probably know several of the names on this list and should start talking to rating committee members to a request a senior test in person at the club, or via email. This should be done after you have had a senior project approved by Excomm and completed your written test. 

Cal Sailling Club Rating Committee

   Dinghies Keelboats Windsurfing  
Ryan Alder X     2022
Peter Baczek X X   2008
Nelz Carpenter   X   2022
Allan Champion X X   2008
James  Clarkson X X   2016
Kathleen Cornetta X X   2014
Stephanie Evans X     2013
David Fraser   X   2008 
Nick Goyhenetche X     2022
Memo Gunay X X   2022
Matthew Hess     X 2017
Robert Hugel   X   2008 
Paul Kamen   X   2008 
Jennifer Kroon X X   2008 
Joshua Leihe X X   2011
Ardaan Locht     X 2008
Lydia Lopez     X 2017
John Mankey     X 2021
Rob Miller     X 2008
Michael McKinley     X 2014
Sergi Mullens X X   2014
Robert Ofsevit   X   1997
Yves Parent X X   2014
Mark Playsted X X   2008
Bill Prinzmetal   X X 2008 
Kevin Rendueles X X   2012
Matthias Roschke X     2010
Barbara (Cindoll) Ross     X 2021
Saul Schumsky X X X 2008 
Cliver Scullion X X X 2008 
Sophien Sehiri     X 2015
Prakash Stec     X 2021
Seamus Vanecko X X   2016
Gunther Weber X     2011
Eric Wittig X X   2008
Caryl Woulfe   X   2008
Mark Yampanis     X 2008 
Dan Zaslavsky X     2016


Inactive Members

  Dinghy Keelboat Windsurfing  
Sypko Andrae*   X   2008 
Mike Arntz   X   2008 
Bobby Arthurs X X   2010
Adam Bertsch X X   2011 
Joel Brand X X   2011 
Jared Brockway* X X   2011 
Alistair Boettiger X     2010 
Heather Buckley     X 2014 
Dave Vary X X   2008 
Seth Clark   X   2008
Jolanda Deboer   X   2008 
Michael Faw   X   2008 
Rachel Fogel   X   2008 
Bill Gavelis X X   2008 
Graham Hale   X   2008 
Rebecca Haussman   X   2008 
Chris Havel X X   2008 
Bob Hood* X X   2008 
Madrone Jack X X   2011
Reese Jones X   X 2008 
Neil Larson X X   2008 
Malu Lujan X     2008 
Don McPherson   X   2008 
Ben Pink X X   2008 
Jim Pottenger   X   2008
Michael Scalet X X   2008 
Ed Shirk* X X   2008 
James Wei* X     2008 


* these Rating Committee members have passed away.