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Youth Windsurfing

Windsurf Lessons
Saturday July 13th 2024 9:00AM - 11:00AM


This is a class for students aged 7-17 (parents/guardians should determine whether the child is old enough; older, taller minors may opt for the adult classes). Students must know how to swim, be confortable with water sports, and have active CSC memberships. Registration is required, otherwise the class may not be staffed.

If you have windsurfing experience, consider being an instructor. We have kayaks and stand up paddleboards at the CSC that are very effective for teaching beginning windsurfing on the water. Note: to check out a kayak or SUP, the adult must also be a member of CSC. We do have family memberships.

The young windsurfers will learn in mild wind conditions and glassy flat water using state of the art equipment. As they improve their skills they will be exposed to more challenging conditions. Guardians will be advised to bring the advanced children to practice more frequently and during the windy times of the day (typically in the afternoon).

Please offer to help kids launch by carrying their equipment to the dock and helping put the kids in the water. Ask for guidance if you don't know how.

Please be on time so your kids take advantage of the whole session and not miss a beat.

It’s highly recommended the kids bring their own wetsuits, although we have a few small wetsuits at CSC.

If your child is 12 and under, note the following:

Is your child 12 years old or under and in need of dedicated 1:1 on-the-water instruction provided by the club? (If you, or another club member known to you, will be teaching your 12 and under child from a separate windsurfer or kayak or SUP, answer "No" here.)

If you answered "Yes" here, please also reach out to us at as this requires more supervision and planning for instructors.