Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Apr 22 Noon to 7:23 PM7:53 PM1.5 @ 5:41 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.6 feet higher than predictions.

Day Leader's WhiteBoard


Unless whiteboard shows today's date, there is no Day Leader or they haven't signed in yet.

How the Online Dinghy Log Works

The Dinghy Log is now online, replacing the paper binder in the Clubhouse. So you can easily check the status of the dinghy fleet from anywehre you have a browser and an internet connection. You can also enter issues, upload photos for an issue, record work hours, and record issues fixed online.

Go to Resources->Dinghy Log on the website, and you'll get a dashboard of all boats, with colors indicating status and a list of open issues. You can instantly see the status of all of our dinghies. If you are not logged into the site, you will see all boats with active issues.

To see the issue details, to add or edit issues, to upload photos, or to add work time to an issue, you must be logged into the web site.

To enter an issue, click on the boat in the Dashboard. Then click on New Issue, enter the details, and Submit. To edit an issue, click on the the issue in the Dashboard and then on Edit Issue. Note that you can specify DNS (Do Not Sail) and Fixed, as appropriate.  If you specify DNS as yes, and Fixed as no, the boat will appear RED on the dashboard; if you specify DNS as no, and Fixed as no, the boat will appear YELLOW

To add a photo to an issue, click on the issue in the Dashboard and then on Add Photo. You can select a photo an upload it. Only certain types of files are accepted, and the photo will be resized on the server.

To record work on an issue, click on the issue in the Dashboard and then on New Work. Enter what you did, how long you worked on it, and whether you fixed it. It will automatically enter the hours as Volunteer Hours unless you uncheck the box to do so. It will not approve the hours.

All activity will be emailed automatically to the First Vices.

Just to be clear, this has now replaced the paper binder, which you should no longer use.

If you run into any problems, click on Contact Webmaster on any web page and send the details.