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# Boat # Open Issues DNS? Open Issues Summary
1JY 011fiberglass repairs for the beam, stern
2JY 022fiberglass repairs for the bow, beam
fiberglass repairs for the stern
3JY 030
4JY 040
5JY 051main sheet block needs to be replaced
6JY 063Trap bungie broken, needs replaced
Tiller extension pulled off base, needs screw or pin to hold it on
Small crack in centerboard
7JY 071fiberglass repairs for the stern
8JY 083fiberglass repairs for the bow
spinnaker pole is cracked at the end
2 missing battens on sail (lower and middle).
9JY 091Club member reported problem with buttons
10JY 102fiberglass repairs for the bow, washer for rudder pin
Water in the hull
11Laser Blue0
12Laser White0
13Quest 11DNSLarge jib tear - needs attn before sailing
14Quest 20
15Quest 30
16Quest 40
17Quest 50
18Quest 60
19Quest 70
20Quest 81Jib furling cleat missing fairlead
21Rescue Skiff Bob0
22Rescue Skiff Paddy Wagon0
23RS500 11Velcro strips on anchor bag need replaced
24RS500 21Anchor bag needs new velcro
25RS800 10
26UFO 10
27Venture 11Abundance of water in bilge
28Venture 21DNSBow fender missing, cracked repair
29Venture 30
30Venture 42kite halyard cleat is slipping
Rips in jib

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