Volunteer Spotlight: Mitsu

“Windy, Windy!” It’s become a common saying at CSC and in the South Sailing Basin, and Mitsu is the one to thank for coining the phrase. One of our most well-known club windsurfers in the South Sailing Basin, he is notorious for his Mitsu-isms. 

Need to know the current conditions? “Windy, Windy!”

Need advice on about how to improve as a windsurfer? “Complain, complain, no plane!”

Want to know how to live longer? “Eat more chicken wings.”

Mitsu’s secret to windsurfing? "I have experience!"

Seriously, he has answers to all of life’s greatest questions!

Mitsu joined Cal Sailing Club back in 1987 to windsurf. He was a member for three quarters, but then did not renew his membership because he didn’t have the English skills at the time to pass the windsurfing written test. Instead, he purchased his own gear and began windsurfing in the Bay area on his own. Despite this setback, Mitsu still helped around the club by weeding and taking care of the property. In 2003, Jim Pottinger asked Excomm to give Mitsu a free membership because he was such a dedicated volunteer. It’s well known that if you want to find the wind, you should go ask Mitsu! If he’s not in the yard doing repairs, he’s probably out on the water planing in a tiny amount of breeze. Mitsu tirelessly works in the background, helping to keep the club running. This past year alone, he replaced two stumps in front of the club yard with two fruiting cherry trees; he regularly prunes and maintains trees and plants around the club house, weeds, and mulches. On top of all this, he repairs both windsurfing and sailboat sails. 


Thanks, Mitsu—it was our pleasure to award you with a lifetime membership for all of your hard work and dedication to Cal Sailing Club. See you on the water!

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