Today's Open/Close Times based on tide predictions

DateClub TimelineSunsetLow Tide
Mon Mar 4 Late Open3:53 PM to 5:37 PM6:07 PM0.3 @ 12:59 PM

red means the Club will be closed. Note that current low tides are around 0.9 feet higher than predictions.

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New Wetsuits Have Arrived!

New Wetsuits Have Arrived!


The club has new wetsuits from Xcel Wetsuits and so far they've been a smashing success with sailors and windsurfers alike.To keep our wetsuits from turning into swiss cheese, take a moment to review the guidelines for wetsuit wear at CSC:

 - Find your size - hold up a suit to your body and see if the crotch and neck line up, that's a good starting place. Your wetsuit should fit like a glove, but not like a noose - if it won't zip, get a larger size. Wearing ankle socks will help the suit slide over your heel so you don't have to yank on it with your sharp fingernails.

 - Wear a bathing suit under your wetsuit - you never know when you'll end up with the suit with the peekaboo crotch, and being able to strip down to swim trunks makes it easy to rinse off your wetsuit when you come off the water.

 - Sailor must wear foulies over wetsuits - dinghies are the #1 cause of butt tears, stretched groins, and random punctures - even walking around in the crowded boat yard can be hazardous to wetsuits. Wearing foulie overalls over the wetsuit greatly increases their longevity and helps us save money for things like those shiny new Quests.

 - Hang it up - hang your wetsuit on a hanger after rinsing it off. All it takes is one wetsuit lying on the ground, puddled up in the changing room, or draped over a railing somewhere to send the message that it's okay to abuse CSC gear and walk all over it. You can use the velcro strap at the neck to ensure the wetsuit doesn't slither off the hanger onto the ground.

The Cal Sailing Club is your club; love your club and treat our new wetsuits nicely so they'll still be there for you next season.

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