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Donation Guidelines for Windsurfing Equipment!


At least once a week, people offer to donate their "old", "beautiful", or "moved to kitesurfing" windsurfing gear.  We reject almost all of it. This post explains why, and gives an idea of what we do accept, for those wanting to donate.

It's All About The Age



As a general rule, we don't accept boards older than about 5 years.  This beautiful, 30 year old, original Windsurfer definitely doesn't qualify.  I don't care how much fun you had on it in the 1980s. 

How about that 1990s board with all those footstraps on it?  Sorry, no.  And that beautiful fiberglass board? Still no. 

Unless the board is at least in OK condition (some repairs are OK), and less than about 5 years ago, then please take it to the dump.  We perpetually have too many boards, and oftentimes unsolicited donations turn up in the board hospital, and we just have to turf them. This costs us money and volunteer hours, which could be better spent elsewhere.



That dacron sail? Pass.  That 10 year old Windwing?  No thanks. If it has cambers, or straps for batten tension, then probably not.  Still, some older sails can still be reasonably modern, although they can gather damage and wear with age.  If it's a modern design, and is in good condition, then we might take it.  But we'll need a picture.



Almost all of our boards are powerbox.  Powerbox fins have a distinctive indentation like the above.  If it doesn't look like this, we can't take it.  Make a garden fence for your vegetables.


Cal Sailing Club transitioned to all RDM (reduced diameter masts) also called skinny masts some years ago.  If you have SDM (standard diameter masts), you might want to consider making a hammock instead.  Or maybe a flag pole.  Fly something controversial.



If it's marked in inches, or has weirdo fittings, then we'll take a pass.  Older booms tend to have wear on the grips, and often fatigue and snap over time.  We usually prefer to only have new aluminium booms.  However, if it's carbon fiber, then very likely we will take it. 

Harnesses, Boots, Gloves, etc

This tends to be junk, but if it's really close to new, then we might take it.  Otherwise, file in the round filing cabinet. 

Send us a Picture!

And there you have it, if you have gear you think might pass muster, then it's easier to send us a picture first.  The second vice commodores can be reached at

Please don't leave your donations without having them looked at.  We'll set the dogs on you. Woof!




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